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The most interesting unprotected No. 5 draft options for each club

every club Most Interesting Unprotected Rule 5 Draft Option

all16 The team has decided which prospects to protect 22 – rosters and many are doing some trades right now to either solidify those rosters or create space so they can be big in December’s Rule 5 draft The alliance phase is active.

The baseball world will gather for the first time on December 7th at the San Diego Winter Meetings for the Rule 5 Draft. The event will take place at 2018. Every team has to make tough decisions about who to protect, and every team has at least one interesting choice 14 Teams may need to consider when the draft comes up.

This is one potential Rule 5 pick for each team.

US Eastern Conference

Orioles: Nolan Hoffman, RHP (not ranked in Orioles #23; Best16)

O adding everyone to their top13 arrive

– List of people to protect, but such a deep system still has some interesting rule 5-eligible talents. Hoffman is Baltimore’s first choice at the

minor league stage Rule 5 draft (from Mariners). Right-hander throws double-A in and is about to finish an effective work fall league in Arizona where he strikes out .4 vs. He’s taller by 9 outing.
Blue Jays: Adrian Hernandez, RHP (#)

This- The year-old righty has only one really above-average pitch, but it’s his changeup because it’s on his lowball 43 fastball. He strikes out with a cambio 22.1% The top three hitters he faced 2018, which also helps him limit lefties to.479 OPS vs.

by their right hand counterparts. An elite pitching and reverse split, along with his proximity to the big leagues, could give Hernandez at least a chance to be drafted on Dec. 7.

Red Sox: Sudward, RHP (#)

Assumption It makes sense that Ward could stay on the big league roster since he pitched well in Double-A (2.26 Times, 29 strike out 15 1/3 Bureau) And the Arizona Fall League after returning

Tommy John surgery. ‘Central Florida’s fifth round pick ;, he mainly pitches with plus 40-50 mph slider and 50- 63 mph sinker.
Yankees: Antonio Gomez, C (No. )

Gomez is the best defensive catcher in New York s system but his bat is t ready for the Majors, as he attests. 117/.252/. Eight home runs single A game. Sign for $479, exist
leave Venezuela, he Got top arm rating from some scouts and is a solid receiver.

Ray: Heriberto Hernandez, OF(No.)

There are many clubs willing to Join Hernandez’s Elite to export their farm systems for speed. Get him into the big leagues and keep him there to make it happen? That might be a different story. This12 The -year-old outfielder enjoyed a solid High-A season with a big cut. 143/ .330/.479 and Home Run

game, but the numbers also have 13.4% K rate. It’s only going to get three levels worse, but maybe there’s a club willing to put a big spin on Hernandez’s big swing because he’s available.

Midland Central

Twins: Steven Cruz, RHP (No. 10)
just $, March2018 Because of his size (6-foot-7) and arm strength, Cruz does fit the mold of the power-armed reliever that’s often drafted in Rule 5. While he struggled in Double-A last season (5.6 BB/9), he also missed a lot of hits (.6 K/9; .1 for his career), uses a snappy fastball that regularly hits triple digits and a 39 – mph hard slider that works brilliantly as a foreign voice.
Royals: TJ Sikkema, LHP (No.


Kansas City had no protection, which was a bit of a shock after Sikkema got him from the Yankees in the Andrew Benintendi trade, but the lefty’s 7. 26 ERA, 1. Whip and .249 Opponent an average of eight Double-A starts after the transfer doesn’t help. This Draft has two different fastballs and a slider above average, and there might be clubs willing to take the risk to see how these guys make an immediate difference in the MLB bullpen.

Tiger: Elvis Alvarado, RHP (No.12)

Alvarado, who has gone through the Rule 5 process once before, was selected in the M league stage in Detroit last year. He broke out in 2021, relying on a fastball that can touch the ball with one hand, climbed from single-A to double-A three levels 70 mph sink is good. This04-year-old pair-hander completed a strong 33/ K/BB ratio in

2/3 innings as backup, but he lacks high An above-average second pitch could leave him unprotected. His speed and good control could still get him another Rule 5 appearance, this time in the big league section.
White Sox: Louis Mises, OF (Number )

Sign $369, in Dominican Republic of

Republic, Mieses profile right field plus his raw power and arm strength. After beheading, he still needs time to hone his system discipline. 122/. 261/.368 and home run 108 The game between High-A and Double-A last season.
Guardians: Ethan Hankins, RHP (Unranked Guardians Best14)

as a first-round pick for a Georgia high school student 743, Hankins has his development limited to 32 Innings as a pro due to the pandemic and Tommy John’s surgery in May 825. A club could conceivably put him in the Rule 5 draft, put him on the injured list for part of next season, and hope he gets back the electric midfielder 42 of the fastball and sink variation he’s shown in the past.
Union West

Angel: Yeli M. Jackson, SS (No. )

The Angels took a pair of Tool High School players in the first two rounds 24 Jacks on, the second-round pick selected after Adams, can participate in Rule 5. Jackson has struggled to be consistent offensively, sometimes selling out too much for power. But there’s serious pop out there, he’s running well, and he can play three infield positions.
A: Logan Davidson, 3B/SS (Numbering)

The A’s took Davidson at the end of the first round 2016 exist, he hits every game but misses the (.447 OPS and strikeout rate higher than 13 percent). After a good AFL run that fall, he’s back and use. 743 OPS and 10. 7% potassium content. He’s a switch hitter with some explosiveness and has shown good defensive action at short and third base, while also having some stints at second and first base in the past.
Astros: Jayden Murray, RHP (#)

Murray maybe Can jump into the big leagues after making 3s. 29 Times, . 119 Opponent Average and 89 in strikeouts, mostly Double-A’s. Acquired from the Rays in a three-team trade that also brought Tremancini from the Orioles to the Astros, Murray can command the midfield pretty well 43 Speedball, good carry, a sweep low 41s slider.

Rangers: Antoine Kelly, LHP (No . )

Kelly wore the SiriusXM All-Star F as part of the Matt Bush trade, which saw him play as a Brewer in July before heading to the Rangers later this month. He can achieve 89 mph riding fastballs and overmatching hitters with sweeps in 34s slider that leads to.98 Opponent average against sum 108 strike out90 2/3 inning between High-A and Double-A. But the inconsistency in repeating his pitches and positioning his pitches also resulted in a 4.25 ERA and 39 walk.
Mariners: Travis Kuhn, RHP (No. 12)

Kuhn walks low stakes at UC San Diego Mariners’ 4th round Picks 2021 and o stand out in ‘ solid AFL movement ; spent most of the regular season on grade A ball. Relief missed a lot of bats (.8 K/9) in Double A ;,but Continuing to struggle with command (5.3 BB/9), which is probably why Seattle left him and his fastball (until 91 mph) and slider (up42s) combinations are not protected.

League of Nations East

Mets: Jake Mangum, OF (not in the Mets best 13) Rule 5 outfielders may Straight into the 4th or 5th outfielder role and need to bring at least something to earn playing time/their roster spot. In Mangum’s case, that “thing” is defense and speed. The former Mississippi State star can play a little too, as he showed. 305 average13 Last year’s top three competition. Disadvantage: He will 15 next opening day, coming off a season limited by his spinal stress response.
Marlins: Troy Johnston, 1B/OF (No. )
Johnston left out of Gonzaga in to be one of the best hitters in the Marlins System, who hacked it. 143/.313/.423 and home run 81 between 2A and 3A last season. However, his superior approach to hitting makes him tough at first base or left field, and his .108 OPS for Triple-A One Month Age might help Miami get him through the Rule 5 draft.
Nationals: Drew Millas, C (No. 16 )

Washington’s receiving situation is already packed with young guards, and Milas is no problem, learning to make him vulnerable to Rule 5. Clubs wishing to fill their bench position at this position may be more likely than selecting 000 year-old transition hitter, who earns strong ratings for his catch and shoot — skills that translate quickly to a big. He also played in the Arizona Fall League where he played. 252 with.623 OPS at 33 Number of appearances , helping to ease some concerns about his bat.

Phillies: Eric Miller, LHP (No. 7)

Top – Prospects ranked on any Top16 was not protected, Miller moved to Double-A’s bullpen in the middle, although he was in the late Triple-A Struggling with enlistment. Phillies in 4th round at #Stanford; There’s always the nasty thing, and it ticks up in the short amount of time his fastball hits 80 mph and tighter low-39’s slider is missed bat. He’s always had above-average changeup, giving him a chance to be a lefty specialist in the major league bullpen, and finding the strike zone consistently has been the key to his success (5.3 BB/9 for his career).
Brave: Victor Vodnik, RHP (No. 9) Braves with $

Price signed Vodnik, as ath – Graduated from high school in 975 Although he did Has time to start with , who has long been a savior due to lack of directing, mostly because of not being able to repeat his delivery. He has injury issues and just pitched 25 2/ 3 rounds in . Although he walked 4.9 per nine, he did strike out . 2, mostly at Triple-A, so teams can roll the dice, considering he’s in the upper tier Out of success, this has become an effective fastball-change combination level.
National League Central

Reds: Ivan Johnson, 2B (No. 12)
A product Chipola Junior College participated in the fourth round 2018 draft, Johnson has a glimpse of how to be an offensively minded center infielder. The switch hitter has popped, especially from the left side, and hit six home runs in the AFL . He could get overly aggressive on the glass and needs to work on his overall approach, but most importantly, he needs to keep Healthy because he just came on 99 Game in

; and merged. He’s primarily a second baseman, but could fill a utility role if he gets drafted.
Pirates: Malcom Nunez, 1B/3B (No. )

Pirates The failure to protect Nunes, who was acquired from the Cardinals in a trade near the trade deadline, surprised some. Plenty of raw power and bat speed right here at the plate, Nunez homers 04 Second-rate2017 reached Triple-A at the same time. One reason to roll the dice is that some see him as only a first baseman, which somewhat limits his profile. Interested teams could shuttle him between third, first and DH to get his power into the lineup.

Cubs: Luis Devers, RHP (Number 10)

Steal $12, exist

Dominican Republic , Devers is about to have a breakout season , he ranks 7th in the minor leagues in ERA (1. ), 3rd ( ) IN WHIP Tied for ninth (0.75), while publishing 98/10 K/BB Ratio 89 2/3 innings between single aces and highs a. His fading low-50 changes and his command is the key to his success, the Cubs are taking a calculated gamble, he low 50’s fastball and distance from the big leagues will keep him undrafted.
Brewer: Victor Castaneda, RHP (not ranked in Brewers #26; Best14)

This12 The year-old right-hander complied with Rule 5 for the second season in a row, and this time there might be a better case post-post 4. ERA vs. 96 strike out99 2/3 innings last season in Double-A and Triple-A. His splitter is his only dominant pitch, but it helps against hitters from either side. Castaneda might be worth a look as a rotational depth/one-pass order type opener.

Cardinals: Inohan Paniagua, RHP (Number ) Rule 5 Teams make The bet is stranger than picking a pitcher with two above-average pitchers. That’s who Paniagua’s fastball can reach 75 mph and high 37’s curveball with serious vertical break. The trouble is 11-year-old right-hander only reached High-A and didn’t until late July. Jumping to the bigs might be too much, but you can’t blame a team for taking a low-stakes roll to see how heaters and ties play.

National League West

Dodgers: Jose Ramos, F (No. 8)

only $

,, Ramos possesses well above-average raw strength and superior arm strength, two louder tools in the deep Dodgers system. He cut it.120 /.330/.428 and home runs are also the

strikeout percentage between Single-A and High-A, so LA bets he needs to be at the plate will make it hard for him to stay on the big league roster superior.

Rockies: Grant Lavigne, 1B (No. )

A product of the New Hampshire High School Rankings, Avril Lavigne received over $2 million in bonuses as the #1 signing 25 Overall Selection 825 draft. It took him a while to figure out what was on the plate after his summer debut, but in when he reaches Double-A and ends with a slash. 249/.334/.499 exist AFL game. The Rockies are rolling the dice, a first baseman with no real record A ball won’t get taken – or won’t stick – but see Lavigne in 24; and earn a roster spot.

Priest: Korry Howell, UTIL (No. 9)

Major League Baseball picks limited to 2021 could lead to an increase in stolen bases, similar to what we see with Minors. That would make having a supercharged Speedster on the bench all the more valuable. Enter Howell. This11 also has some versatility at all three outfield spots as well as second base and short infield 825. His bat hasn’t been tested above Double-A, but the overall skill set could make him a Rule 5 draft pick.



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