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The most memorable kids in Christmas movies, ranked

Workaholic and unreliable father Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is eager to make up for his grumpy, demanding nine-year-old in every minute of Brian Levante’s romp Jamie (Jack Lloyd). His request? A sold-out Turbo Man action figure leads his father to scour every store and warehouse in Minneapolis and engage in a vicious battle with mailman Myron (Sinbad), who is also looking for the elusive toy competition. There are punches and kicks, clashes with the police, letter bombs, attempted robberies, reindeer attacks and a final death-defying showdown – and, all the while, Jamie is blaming his dad and yelling at him because he The rules were not followed. his promise. Still, why did he miss the top spot? Because, once his father finally got his hands on the doll, he chose to let Myron’s son have it.

1. Tootie in Meet me in St.Louis

Judy Garland as lively Esther Smith, gorgeous costume, Songs (including “Wish Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”) – Everything about Vincent Minnelli’s hilarious musical is delightful, except Esther’s sharp, spoiled, obnoxious Little sister Tutti (Margaret O’Brien). She comes back injured from a Halloween bonfire, worries her family is sick, and accuses Esther’s love interest John (Tom Drake) of trying to kill her when he actually saved her from arrested. Then, in a later scene, angry at the prospect of having to move from St. Louis to New York, she decapitates a set of beautifully crafted snowmen. “You’re the slickest, scariest, most guilty little animal I’ve ever met,” Esther once told her. We totally agree.



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