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The Most Viewed Menswear Fall/Winter 2023 Shows on the Vogue Catwalk

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In the attention economy of fashion’s ever-changing attention, reliable metrics are few and far between. From Instagram and TikTok to New York Times, GQ and more, content from each season’s menswear show permeates the wider The Realm world passes through a myriad of mediums, as it should.

Vogue Runway stands out: its pageviews provide an unrivaled barometer of which collections most spark the imagination power (and buying budget) ), industry insiders and others. And because Runway

focuses primarily on clothes rather than “frowns,” these numbers are less likely to be influenced by celebrity presence on media value performance-enhancing steroids than any comparable index. )/2023 The show is over. The list is listed below, in descending order, so no spoilers here. Notable from the top is that five houses fell off the list. Hermès, Fendi and Kenzo lost their spots this season, while two other brands that were in the spotlight last June — Celine and Y/Project — also didn’t make an appearance this season. Another detail to note is that six of the collections on the list were shown in Paris and three in Milan. Unusually, another piece is from a sample book. Read on for men’s tops . . Dries Van Noten

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