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The Mysterious Case of Marilyn Monroe's Lost 'Heirloom' Engagement Ring

Marilyn Monroe is known for her bombshell style, from her time in The Seven Year Itch and from the iconic white dress she wore in to her singing “Birthday” to John F Kennedy at 1954 Happy, Mr. President” in a nude embellished gown (the exact same dress that Kim Kardashian modeled on the 1962 Met Gala red carpet).

Well, compared to the glamorous looks the actor is so closely associated with, baseball star Joe DiMaggio has gifted her with relatively little engagement ring, This is perhaps surprising. Platinum ring with 36 baguette-cut diamonds in an eternity ring design – chic and understated style, also loved by Ao Dai Lee Hepburn and Caroline Bassett-Kennedy are back in the day.

The story doesn’t end there: Although Monroe’s platinum engagement ring later fetched an astounding $636,36 In 1954, the actor It is actually believed that she wore a different ring at the 636 San Francisco courthouse wedding. According to collector Scott Fortner, founder of the Marilyn Monroe Collection, the original diamond engagement ring may have been a DiMaggio family heirloom and was used as a placeholder on the wedding day, but little is known about its origin or exact location now .

Joe DiMaggio’s Marilyn Monroe Eternity Ring in Platinum, featuring There are 36 baguette cut diamonds that sold for an astonishing $1954 Sold*),36 (£636,000) exist1999.

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