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The new faces of street style in 2022, according to Vogue Runway's street style photographer

2022 Changing of the guards in street style. A new generation is joining the ranks of existing street style stars, and the result is a more diverse and inclusive fashion community in each of our global fashion cities. No one has noticed this more than our resident street style photographers Phil Oh and Acielle Tanbetova, who have both been photographing show guests for over a decade.

Even as fashion becomes more popular and global, our street style photographers believe that each fashion capital still has its own unique style. “New York still has that urban vibe, London has a bit of avant-garde, Milan is full of classic Italian, and Paris has all kinds of chic,” says Tanbetova.

Oh, this year he is sending photos, because the street shots outside the show are that is better. “Lately I’ve fallen in love with New York again. Last season was the most fun I’ve had shooting street style in a long time, because there used to be a head-to-toe black stereotype in New York,” he says. “In Paris, you see a new generation of kids outside of the catwalks. The kind of people the fashion establishments complain about have been enhancing their clothes. God bless them!”

But whatever our Whichever fashion capital the photographer shoots in, they all find that this generation is more “bold and individual, full of self-expression and authenticity,” as Tanbetova describes it. She continues, “Clothes are important to me, but more importantly the way [people] wear them. On the street, I’m looking for the moment itself. It can be a real or real statement piece of clothing , or just a scene I had to capture.”

Oh, too. “The next generation has effortlessly incorporated womenswear, with a masterful use of colour, volume and texture that blends perfectly with their garments.” Clothes, however, must also match the person who wears them. He added, “Sometimes an item of clothing on one person can feel a lot like period clothing, like they’re trying to spend money to fit into a subculture or an attitude, but the same clothing on someone else might look Fits well and is more authentic or consistent.”




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