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The Next Big Thing: 'Sharper' Actress Brianna Middleton on Key Lessons From Co-Star Julianne Moore

Briana Middleton prepares her armor before committing to her new role. For example, of course.

“I love preparing and researching,” the actress says of her process. “I don’t like the analogy, but it feels like ammo or armor goes into a project. If I’m surrounded by these things, and then I get caught up in the chaos of a shoot, I won’t go crazy.”

in Benjamin Caron’s A15 psychological thriller Sharper, Middleton plays Sandra, a young woman who finds herself surrounded by the relentless world of New York City con men. The picture-perfect love story between Sandra and Tom (Justice Smith) slowly unfolds at first, as it is revealed that the characters in the story are not who they seem.

After reading the script, the New Orleans-based actress said she was immediately drawn to her role. “I fell in love with her heart, and I fell in love with her innate hope for people,” Middleton said. Louisiana State.

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With Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow and Smith star together in Sharper, slated for February 17 on Apple TV+. “Thank God, everyone is fine,” the relative newcomer said of her companion. “It really took the pressure off of having to have this really flawless performance.”

Working with the Oscar-winning Moore, Middleton recalls learning from the actress on set experience. “She’s not afraid to let people see her process,” Middleton said of Moore. “There’s this idea that you need to go away and do your thing, do your preparation. Then, you have to come and do this really flawless, finished show. But [Moore] is trying, she said over and over again. You see her at work and you remember, ‘Oh right, I can really take the time to figure this out. I can explore this.’

In the twists, Sharper touches on topics like substance abuse and mental health struggles. It’s Middleton’s connection to her character that helps her get through those more difficult scenes. At times, she has to try to distance herself from the character and remind herself that she’s playing one: “I do think these things exist in your body, especially after doing it so many times and living in it.”

Middleton and Judge Smith in Sharp in. Supplied by ALISON COHEN ROSA/Apple TV+

In exploring human nature, Sharper grapples with the harsh realities of what people are willing to do to survive, but also Willing to do anything for love. “Is this a love story?” Middleton pondered the question. “Love is probably one of the things that all of our characters are looking for in this movie. Connection and relationship.

“We’re used to making people two-dimensional and labeling them,” this The actress added what she hoped audiences would take away from the film. “But humans aren’t like that. I hope [the film] touches people in this way, to remind them that we are multifaceted beings. We are not just one thing. “

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