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The next episode of castration and rebirth comics is over

first2023 Hakusensha‘s magazine revealed on Friday , Arata Miyatsuki and Ochau‘s Castration: Rebirth ( Symbiotic Reincarnation ) The manga will be published below End of a chapter. The manga will take a break on the second 2023 issue, and the final chapter will be released on the third issue in January


Miyatsuki and

Ochau The manga was published in the first issue of by Hakusensha September Magazine 2018. The manga was then moved to the magazine in February 2020. Hakusensha published the third volume of the manga in June 176892. The company issued numbers in February and October

Mode published the fourth and fifth volumes of the manga , respectively.

Comikey Started digital publishing of September’s manga 2020. It describes the story: Satoru Saki has a precious childhood friend, one Se Yuna, she was murdered by the yakuza rapist. Blinded by rage and thirst for revenge, Satoru brutally murdered rapists and cut off their genitals, for which he was sentenced to death. After death, Satoru regained consciousness in another world, and all people became mindless beasts. Finding himself lost in the world, he encounters some struggling survivors who are battling hordes of beasts. What he learns is shocking… Yuna is apparently alive! In order to find his beloved friend, Wu chooses to join the battle.

Miyatsuki and Yūya Kanzaki launched their

() comics) magazine by Shueisha 284. The series ends in November 2018.

The manga inspired a live-action movie adaptation in February 2017, and a four-part miniseries adaptation premiering on dTV in December 28.

resource: 2023 Issue 1



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