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'The Other Two' star Helen York talks playing Brooke Dubeck and becoming a fan of her own show

Talking to Heléne Yorke really doesn’t feel like an interview. Of course, on Friday afternoon on Zoom we’re mostly focused on the the other two , the underrated criminals Max She stars in a comedy, but there’s enough banter about life and mom stuff that quickly degenerates into small talk. She’s funny and approachable, which certainly doesn’t hurt her on-screen presence.

Half nominalTwo , Brooke Dubek, a former professional dancer, is finding her purpose and examining her identity after her youngest brother’s overnight success. At this point in the series’ third season, she’s managing Chase Dreams (Case Walker) and her mother-turned-media mogul Pat Dubek (Molly Shannon) career after taking a break from the industry as the pandemic made her feel guilty about not being a professional do-gooder, and middle child Carey (Drew Tarver) is on the rise as an actress, But his personal life was abysmal.

“We live in a time where everything we do is not about us, it’s about other people, based on this very public way we all participate in the world ,'” York told The Hollywood Reporter that her character’s experience mirrors our current reality. “Like, ‘I see what other people are doing, so what I’m doing is wrong and bad.’ It’s like a constant feedback loop.”

Sure, there were moments this season that would make anyone question the path they’re on. She was tasked with driving a production truck across the country to snap photos of her brother’s manicured armpits so that Rolling Stone could properly celebrate his coming of age, with two trips to Space Dating The Insufferable Billionaire, Ben Platt Nearly Gets Chloroform Stopping Him In Her A Undeniable in the latest episode A good night’s performance during the TV show.

Episode 8, aired in June , a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, full of sharp sarcasm

The Other Two

is well known. Brooke is producing an eight hour TV event to raise $450 Mental Health Awareness for Millions – ChaseDreams is backing the cause to restore his image – including “performance by sometimes anxious singer” and “Parkland survivor’s Powerful Speech [insert name of Parkland survivor we can get]. Parkland placeholder text became a recurring joke, but with the decision to cancel the already announced $ compared to the homophobic CEO, this is a minor accident If Platt performs, $1 million will be donated, which results in an oiled, shirtless busker (Ken Marino) being sexually harassed on Broadway by a star trying to distract him and barely avoiding chloroform.

“Sometimes people want to call Brooke a mess, or put the character in a box like that, and I’m like, ‘do you in Are you together? ’” York said. “We all kind of sucked. “

While her decisions and intentions have sometimes been questioned, she has been the driving force behind the family to make the most of their success.

Let’s see what happens,” York said. “I’ve always described her as someone who’s willing to dive into an empty swimming pool and say, ‘When I get in, I’m going to touch the water,’ and be so confident about it. I really love that character.”

Drew Tarver as Carey, Case Walker as Chase, Yorke (right) as Brooke at Season 2, Episode 1 of The Other Two.

Greg Andris /HBO MAX

Besides being able to do something impressive Beyond Deep Mental Gymnastics – “I have an extraordinary ability to see a situation and act upon it from 450 in a different direction” – Yorke says she has the same innate optimism as her character. “Reality is so devastating sometimes,” she said. “My ability to continue to put one foot in front of the other no matter how scary it was, I think I got that because I was an actor, I moved to the city, I worked hard, but A lot of things didn’t work out for me. I just kept going.”

Yorke was born in Vancouver but grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in musical theater, and has been Whether it’s on TV (Masters of Sex,The Good Fight) or on stage (Bullets Over Broadway, American Psycho ).

Jump to from

Comedy created by SNL

Alumni Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider Starring alongside Shannon, Marino and Tarver, a bit scary at first .

“I remember thinking, ‘What am I doing here? This is a comedy show. I’m a drama kid,'” recalls Yorke. “It felt like we were working on a secret, something we knew people would like, and it was really fun. That’s what I remember from the beginning, like, ‘Damn, these guys are cool, I’m with them Hanging out. It’s like I’m finally on the right side of the playground, or something. It’s the best.”

Over four years since the series premiered In time, a global pandemic shifted from Comedy Central to what is now known as Max and the York’s son Hugo was born. But despite the changes, production delays and jumps in screen time, she said getting back into character was easy.

“The writing is excellent and the ones they wrote us are also beautiful, if they change size with you so often it’s like wearing your favorite pants,” Yorke said. “It was also filmed on purpose. We were pretty crazy about how we timed it based on the way the camera moved, because the jokes were everywhere. I was so annoyed at my husband because he would laugh at Drew and he would miss my jokes. “

Fans caught them and Yorke found herself in more than one memetic gif – like the one below, which she actually used in the conversation . “I send myself to people, yeah,” she laughs. “And I use my own stickers on Instagram.”

“It’s fun to see something that resonates with people,” she says. “People make memes and stuff like that, and I love seeing stuff that people capture because you think, ‘Oh, this is happening so fast, are people going to capture it?’ It’s hard because you’re far from It’s too close.”

Brooke’s arc in Season 3 was largely centered on self-improvement, which mostly manifested itself in surface-level changes as she struggled to act like her on-and-off Lance(Josh Segarra) when the lover was “good” like that 1235401732, now it is a nurse.

Get over this guy? ’” Yorke explained. “I think you’re watching a season of someone who catches and keeps thinking she’s getting closer to something but always keeps moving away. ’

It’s easy to side with him and think, “The poor guy has to put up with this girl,” she said. “But, in any relationship, you It’s basically asking people to like the bad things about you. He did it. I think it’s her person. If you want to be with someone forever, you have to find someone who doesn’t mind the shitty things about you, and vice versa. That is a lasting relationship. nobody is perfect. ”


Josh Segarra Season 3 Episode 1 as Lance, Yorke as Brooke and the other two. Greg Andries/HBO MAX

tells some of the best It’s hard to tell if there’s a rock bottom in either of them – but Brooke comes close in the penultimate episode. Without spoiling it, let’s just say that Lance is named People‘s Sexiest Man ignites a fire for Brooke, proving once and for all that they’re on the same level, because he can’t really be as good as he seems. Disturbing and nerve-wracking lengths.

“Episode 9 was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done because it’s very physical and very much from a makeup standpoint It’s very demanding,” York said. “We’re in this apartment building 06th Street for a week and just wreaked havoc like Climb in and out of the window the same way, Second-rate. I think — and I feel this way about parenting — that the hardest things are always the most rewarding. This season more than ever. “

The third season finale will air in June 06, and Yorke is delighted that it brought Brooke’s story.

“People are upset about Brooke and she deserves it,” she said. “I’m really proud of her and how she’s done at the end of the season. I don’t think that’s what people expect. I hope that this is not what they expected. ’

She continued, “And, in a broad sense, I’m proud of the whole season because we’ve been asked as much as the cast. I feel like, in a way I’ve never done in my career, I’m giving a 360 The acting is hard comedy, physical comedy, absurd scenes and then moments of truth and depth. I think they’ve done a great job of finishing the season. Most of all, I’m really proud of her. “

Yorke says she is often asked what her next dream job is. It’s a question she can’t answer because she’s never seen a character like it before. Show up.

“It’s so much fun to be part of something, so rare…” Yorke pauses mid-sentence. “This is embarrassing. I’ll watch White Lotus like everyone else and at the end of White Lotus HBO Max will [recommend]More like this. The first one is The Other Two and after White Lotus I will only watch my own episodes. I like it. This is my taste. Here’s what I’d want if I wasn’t on it. “

not foreground

the other two only need a split second Just get lost in it.

“I’d go crazy if I wasn’t watching it,” York said with a laugh. “I probably wouldn’t watch it because I Will be jealous who booked Brook Dubec. “



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