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'The Other Two' Stars Drew Tarver and Helen York Say Goodbye to TV's Craziest Brothers Brooke and Cary Dubeck

Note: This interview was conducted prior to the publication of the Hollywood Reporter article

*) details a complaint from HR against the creators of

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Here’s an interesting interview with Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke about their contributions to Vogue produced the show The Other Two; the HBO series has slammed the publication on more than one occasion, including through a Let’s Host an unveiling of “New Sister Hadid’s party. Yet in its three seasons, the other two

have become one of the sharpest and most provocative in television, examining the young (-ish) , confusion, tiny meaning. A bit mean and fame-hungry while also seeing it as a concept.

Tarver and York’s characters, brother duo Kari and Brooke Dubeck, may be what kids call “toxic” now – in the show’s third season That’s even more so in the final season, where they find success outside of younger brother Chase’s Justin Bieber-esque music career — but in real life, the cast shares Cary and Brooke’s charming chemistry, while staying true to themselves. Get off their neuroses at the door. On the occasion of two other

recent series finales, read our conversation with Tarver and Yorke below.


: This might be corny, but I would love for you two to sum up each other’s Two more characters in a word.

Drew Tarver: I think Brooke is bold.

Heléne Yorke: I guess “despair”? Is Cary Dubek desperate?

DT: They are bold and desperate at times. Brooke is more daring than Cary, jumping right into things and saying, “Oops, I screwed up,” while Cary is much closer behind, looking forward to screwing up.

HY: When I read the script for this season, I feel like Kari’s journey It resonates so sadly – maybe because I’m an actor. I just watched episode 8 again with my husband and watched him reply to Instagram stories while driving…my friend posted a video of me on the show and I was like, I Kari Dubeck. I repost something and I’m like, “What? So sweet!” [laugh. ] In a way, these two characters are part of all of us. This is where they come into play, and whether you like it or not, the way you relate to them can be really awkward.



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