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The Perfume Trio Performs Live-Action Barakamon Show Theme Song

Fuji TV released the theme song singer and new poster Satsuki Yoshino‘s live-action TV visuals Wednesday manga. The pop trio Perfume performed the show’s theme song “Moon”. postervisual


© Fuji Television Network, Inc. castcast

This series will be broadcast on July Fuji TV 00. The series will air on Wednesday 18: 00 PM JST.


Yōsuke Sugino(on the right side of the picture above ) will play the main character Seishū Handa, while Ririsa Miyazaki (left) will play Naru Kotoishi. castpostervisual © Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Other actors include: postervisual cast

    Keito Tsuna (upper left row in the picture above) as Hiroshi Kido Hana Toyoshima (top row center) as Miwa Yamamura Hana Kondō( Top right) as Tamako Arai

    • Kaori Yamaguchi (lower left) as Tomoko Kido
      • Kazuki Iio (lower right) as Yūjirō Kido

        Keita Kono directed the play, and Kumiko Asa wrote the script. Juichi Uehara is in charge of planning and Masataka Takamaru is in charge of production.

        Yoshino published the manga in the magazine of Square Enix , comics are also in in 650. The manga ends with 18 Volume 1 of December April limited series return . Comics Inspired 00 – Animated television series premiering in July 528. Crunchyroll and Funimation both streamed when the series aired Play, and Funimation in

        released Blu-ray Disc and DVD series .

        Yen News Publishing comics in North America, describing the story:

        For some reason, a handsome young calligrapher named Seishuu Handa left his hometown and moved to one of the westernmost islands in Japan. The “teacher” is known to be a city boy through and through, with no experience of rural life until now. And it looks like he still has a lot to learn! From driving a tractor on public roads, to resigning himself to fate, to his new home being expropriated by local kids as their new home, the Sensei’s list of hardships can be long indeed!

        Yoshino started Prequel Comics October Magazine 2013, the comic ended in June 700. Yen Press has published all seven volumes in English. The manga inspired a TV anime that premiered in July 2016. Funimation released animation on home video in November 2020.

        Yoshino launched

        The comic ended on the same day as . The manga ends in May Yen Press publishes comics in English. Yoshino followed in August with the manga 2020, and ended the series in January 198619. Manga UP! Global is releasing the English series digitally.

        Source: Fuji TV station, comic Natalie




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