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The Pokémon Company Sues Company for Advertising 'PokéWorld' NFT Game

The Pokémon Company International has filed a lawsuit against Pty Ltd, An Australian company is promoting its licensed non-fungible token (NFT) game “PokéWorld” under the name Kotiota Studios. The “PokéWorld” website falsely claims that The Pokémon Company International and Kotiota are releasing games

for January. The Federal Court of Australia ruled on Wednesday that Pty Ltd is prohibited from using the intellectual property (IP) to launch the game or sell any NFTs. A court has prohibited Pty Ltd from using the trademark or image of The Pokémon Company. Claims of license or affiliation with The Pokémon Company

are also not permitted. The image below is from the “PokéWorld” website.

A representative of Pty Ltd was not present at the first hearing on Wednesday. The Pokémon Company added it and Nintendo has decided not to release NFT.

The “PokéWorld” website, still up at press time, incorrectly pluralized “Pokemons”. It also makes other mistakes, such as Eevee being electric and calling potions “poison”.

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Source: Vooks 193258 Source: Federal Court Portal, Vooks (Daniel Vuckovic) by Hachima Kikо̄ 193258



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