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The Power of Anonymous Anti-It Packs

I was at an antiques sale a few weeks ago and saw a classy older lady walk in – a typical after-get off work manicured NYC Miss. She is wearing a long down jacket by Moncler, light wash jeans and simple Stan Smith sneakers. Her bag is great, though unrecognizable. It’s not covered in monograms or little logos (as far as I can tell). It’s black, square, and discreet. But this anonymous medium is clearly top-notch: thick Kevlar leather, sturdy shape and shoulder-carrying utility. On second glance — or rather, squint — I realized it was a Tod’s bag with a vintage veneer. It’s almost unremarkable, but it’s the most impactful wallet I’ve seen in a long time.

A bag has the power to elevate, elevate and unify an outfit. It’s a status symbol, whether you’re an executive holding a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, a chic girl showing off a Bottega Veneta lime green cassette tape, or a vintage lover clutching a Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa horn handle. I often think of Mary-Kate Olsen with her trusty, durable and recognizable Hermès Kelly. Visible everyday use, combined with knowing the bag’s price, speaks volumes about Olsen and how she approaches fashion.

Even stronger than these wallets are anonymous and well-made wallets. A few years ago, I saw stylist Mellany Sanchez toting a star-shaped shoulder bag in rich camel leather with an unbreakable strap. There is a leopard-shaped round clasp on the front, which I am not very familiar with. Turns out this piece is from Cartier, I honestly didn’t even realize they made bags. “I’ve been looking for the perfect shoulder bag that is structured, compact and convenient,” she says. “For three years it has been my bag of choice and I have not purchased or replaced any other bag.”

Tory Burch Cotton Sugar satchel

This kind of astrolabe is sold at a discounted price on resale platforms. A stunning obsidian black leather tote from Tod’s that doesn’t have any scratches, and a killer turquoise suede shoulder bag with a snakeskin embossed handle, also from Italian House of Leather, are on The RealReal . In another example, I came across a vintage black leather Anne Klein tote with an edgy handle and hand-woven detailing at the seams. I also remember a square croc-embossed red Henri Bendel clutch with an elegant gold shoulder chain.

Check out the new products, there’s Tory Burch’s killer shoulder bag called the Small Marshmallo Satchel, with the most epic ‘ shape, waist-length shoulder straps and two pocket interior. The unlabeled Banana Republic Vida bag, which has become a TikTok hit, comes in dark brown and soft black leather and suede. User @tannerleatherstein – a tanner who dissects and analyzes merchandise from Prada to Fossil – recently cut Madewell’s tempting $54 Sydney shoulder bag and complimented the quality and craftsmanship of this piece.

Of course, a recognizable bag—whether it’s from a big or a trendy brand—has a cultural heritage. There is nothing wrong with that. But this no-name luxury handbag captivates with its unpretentious attention to quality. An It bag draws compliments, but an anti-It bag is really the ultimate conversation starter.

Everlane New Day Market Tote Bag

The Row Margaux handbag

Lemaire Croissant Crossbody Bag

Cartier Trinity Leather Handbag



1398159Madewell Sydney Shoulder Bag



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