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The Raven in the Inner Palace – Episode 7

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Although there is a saying that Bingyue was weakened as a character’s suddenness from his villain In the transition to a tragic hero (let’s all ignore the whole “he’s going to marry his aunt” thing because it honestly doesn’t feel particularly relevant), I think his brief arc instead emphasizes the inner tragic royalty . When a dynasty falls, every member of the family involved suffers, not just those who are truly responsible for the political upheaval. Bingyue and Mingzhou are drawn into an unfair fight that creates a parallel between Gao Jun’s mother and Ding Lan. Neither of them deserved to die at the hands of the Queen Mother, but they were close to Gao Jun and put them in her line of fire; so did Bingyue and Mingzhou. Did Bingyue make some questionable choices after her death? Yes, absolutely, and possessing and threatening Jiujiu is almost his final mistake. But in the end he’s just sad and desperate, stuck in an endless loop, unable to reach the woman he loves even standing in front of her.

It means that Gao Jun is the one who realizes this and stopped him before In order to keep snow, she can send Bingyue to the afterlife. Unlike the crow’s concubine, Gao Jun’s heart is tied on his sleeve, and the idea of ​​”getting things done” is very important to him. If he thought it would help the ghost at the door, he would sleep at night, and when he realized that there was more to Bingyue than the angry Shouxue thought, he did not hesitate to stop her. Facing tragedy after tragedy, Gao Jun is always willing to try to do the right thing, the best thing, hope this time, the tragedy can be avoided. But he has learned not to believe that other people feel the same way, so why did he panic when Shouxue aimed his arrow between his mother and Ding Lan. He is hopeful, not stupid.

At least Gao Jun won’t let anyone stand in his way The right way to do things. It’s a powerful moment when he lowers himself in front of Shouxue, trying to right the wrongs of a bloody history. Shouxue may not have fully believed him yet. But she was willing to try.




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