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The result is out!Meet the 25 artists selected from our local open call for “Italian Panorama”

Today, we are pleased to announce Our selected artist First local public call: Panorama of Italy

. Chosen by our jury, made up of Condé Nast staff from Italy and visual experts from the wider Italian visual community, these artists will be part of the next PhotoVogue Festival In Milan will run from

th until November662


Our first local open call is focused on finding the most talented Italian photographers and giving them the The opportunity arose and collaborated with Vogue Italia. We received 94 project.

The sheer number and variety of submissions underscores PhotoVogue’s mission to provide an inclusive and diverse space for all visual aesthetics, from reality Doctrine to fantasy, from documentary inspiration to gorgeous fantasy.

here is Selected Artists:

Alexandra Letta

Alex Zoboli

Alessandra LetaAndrea Baioni

Asia Alex Zoboli

Emanuele Occhipinti

Alexa Sonsino

Andrea BaioniAndrea Baioni

Alia Romagnoli

Andrea Baioni

Andre Bioni

Andrea Baioni

Andrea Baioni

Carlo Lombardi

Andrea BaioniAlexa Sonsino Alessandra LetaClaudia Amatruda Alexa Sonsino

Carmine Romano

Andrea BaioniAndrea Baioni

Claudia Amatruda

Cinzia Laliscia

Alessandra LetaClaudia Amatruda

Claudia Amatruda

Alexa Sonsino

Emanuele Occhipinti

Alia Romagnoli

Eleonora Strano

Alex Zoboli Karim El Maktafi

Emmanuel Ochipinti

Alia RomagnoliLucrezia Testa Iannilli

fee Dereka Sasso

Pierfrancesco Celada

Karim E Mark Taffy

Andrea BaioniClaudia AmatrudaAlessandra LetaLudovica Anzaldi

Lucrezia Testa Ian Neely

Andrea BaioniAndrea Baioni

Ludovica Anzaldi

Ludovica Anzardi

Andrea Baioni



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