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'The Returner's Magic Should Be Special' Animated Trailer Reveals More Cast, Crew, Opening Song Artist, Premieres October

Crunchyroll‘s anime adaptation new trailer

( by Wookjakga Japanese) Korean webtoon reveals more cast, crew, and October premiere date of the anime.

Just when he thought it was over, Desir woke up years ago. Can he make the changes necessary to save the world from destruction?
“Returner’s Magic Should Be Special premieres this October, only on Crunchyroll!

) is writing and supervising the animation script.

Hiromi Kato (, ,) are designing characters . Eiji Iwase is the art director, Masahiro Kama Seeking artistic assistance as an art director. Kazushige Kinpeira , Akihiro Hirasawa , Yasuhiro Okumura and Tomoyasu Fujise were awarded for art design. Hideki Imaizumi is the director of photography. Kenta Higashi () is composing music.

Shotaro Hashiguchi is a prop designer. Aiko Matsuyama is a chroma key artist. Yoshiko Kim is in charge of editing. Takatoshi Hamano is the sound director, Koyama Yasomasa is the sound director The sound director is responsible for the sound effects.

Magic Capsule has been praised for its sound production.

FLOW will be singing the anime’s opening song “Get Back”.

Yen Press is publishing an English-language series describing This story: in In an age when the Shadowlands rule and most of humanity is wiped out, a team of six heroes try and fail to save the world…but magician Desir Herman gets a second chance when he unfolds When I opened my eyes, I found myself back to thirteen years ago! Now, he must rally his team once again to stop the greatest disaster in human history! kkns_tate_3 This webcomic is based on an original by

Usonan story


Source: Crunchyroll (Joseph Luster), Twitter account of Crunchyroll2023



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