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The Rock just shared how he built huge biceps on Arm Day

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When it comes to working out in the gym, not many people can Work hard like Dwayne Johnson: He recently added more muscle than ever in a DC movie Black Adam , and he’s still chasing revenue.

This is called by the world The actor for The Rock just shared his arm day workout on Instagram, posting a clip of himself doing missionary curls at the EZ bar. This is a great move to build bigger, stronger biceps because it takes all the momentum out of the equation and forces your biceps to work in isolation with very limited mechanical assistance in the shoulders.

Johnson keeps himself motivated in this arduous exercise by listening to veteran powerlifter CT Fletcher’s famously blasphemous motivational speech, which he makes big in the title Shouting “Always give up the Gospel.”

“Success, in any fucking thing, success requires obsession,” Fletcher in the audio Say. “I can’t say enough. You have to be obsessed. But to be successful, you have to be fucking obsessed with it, there’s no way. The best at anything has to be obsessed.”

An obsession with success is undoubtedly Johnson’s brand, and he has spoken repeatedly about his constant desire to be “the hardest worker in the room,” and earlier this year he explained his philosophy of life and his The training method is the same.

“In the gym, as in life, raising the bar isn’t always about putting on a big show,” he said. “It’s the small, quiet commitments you make to yourself. The ones you can break that no one will know, but you don’t. You show up every day and meet this gym on its terms; with humility, Gratitude and respect…through the struggle, through the pain, through the sweat. Through the little voice inside of you that says you can always quit but you don’t. You improve, you improve, and you improve.

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