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The Row Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

For some, it’s because it It’s ne plus ultra chic. For others, an unwavering strong vision. For many, it’s a quiet but obvious desire for what’s presented on the runway. And what about me? That is tranquility. This is The Row spring show by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Loud takeaway – and I’m not talking about the green juices you can quickly soak up on the way in, or the figs and grapes you can eat on the way out. (Perfectly delicious fruit must come from a place like Fauchon where you can marvel at $2023 Pineapple. Seriously.) Olsens’ clothes, their performances, the tranquility of their space (a particularly gorgeous hotel a stone’s throw from Place Vendôme) is a solace to the soul. about a year ago , we talked about a good game about callbacks and controls, but now what? Oof, hustle, noise, volume, it’s all back. Just louder.

But it feels and looks peaceful: who doesn’t want that? When you look at an ivory Duchess satin evening gown you might see this feeling, with a slightly inflated puff on the back, any arrogant person will be drawn to the scuffs and folds of the fabric, like It had just been pulled out like a tree trunk, and then shrugged. This is just one of several great dresses, from a satin LBD with slightly sculpted hips to a crochet petticoat over a long tulle petticoat. (The same crochet is also seen on the green and white top with the hem dragged over a pair of baggy pants: both handcrafted looks stand out.)

Well, serenity doesn’t equal perfection, which is also a good thing, and the Olsons played on some of the looks, like a wrinkled hose, or pressing over a white cotton shirt Flat mesh tube dress whose hem goes towards the floor. A little clutter to reduce precision is always good. Alternatively, you might notice a loosely cut black blazer as you walk by, with the armholes subtly opening to allow you to stretch your arms out to look more like a tank top, paired with a matching neat Bermuda shorts. The use of sleeves is a recurring theme here. For example, as a gesture, put the skirt behind to look like a belt.

Olsens likes to use beautiful fabrics to make finer clothes, which goes a long way It is confirmed on both counts that this is true. But there’s something else here: a little dissonance, a little playfulness, coloring and toning their delicate clothes. Maybe Paris is for them. Of course it suits us. Even after stepping into the grey, humid, cold Parisian September air after the show, the S-word remained in the back of my mind for the rest of a long, tiring day.



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