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The Row Resort 2024

Some people feel their spirits soar when they hear a Britney Spears performance soundtrack. When something like Bauhaus’s 1979 gothic anthem “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” starts echoing and reverberating throughout the sound system, others (that’s me) get the same sense of superiority, bassline In the same way you navigate the city streets at night. (That is: slow and purposeful.) Where did Bauhaus singer Pete Murphy deliver his doom proclamation to the dear late Mr. Lugosi today? In a demo on The Row. Ahh, wait a minute. There was a screech of brakes. Row? Bauhaus? What’s wrong?

Well, not what you think. This isn’t a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen gothic collection, nor is it by any stretch of the imagination. Well if you count the forged edge maybe you can think of some connections all enveloping black looks scattered throughout the show like the ones that open it; A reversible tunic-style cape conjures from opulent planes of the darkest cashmere. The Row’s new coat featured more black accents and was double-breasted and cut with wide shoulders and a scarf-like panel draped over one sleeve. Fittingly, evenings were also involved; for some time now they’ve been experimenting with sharp ways of folding and draping, best exemplified by a strapless black suit with sleeves wrapped to cinch the waist.

Olsens’ dedication to creative construction of all kinds is underscored in so many luxe outerwear, especially one (yet another) black coat, masculine and classic in shape, But surprisingly the shoulder structure is nailed to the shoulders. Although not everything is dark, dark, dark. Sensational colors pop up here and there: a pastel evening gown magically created from what appear to be interwoven ribbons; a classic vermilion clutch.

What the Bauhaus songs do is create a hypnotic, riveting and slightly disorganized atmosphere that contrasts with the way they command and win over all kinds of super lavish material , finishes and technologies. Take Olsens’ latest bag, for example, a roomy tote whose raw frayed edges expose the inner workings, revealing only how perfectly crafted they are.

It’s reminiscent of being on the way to a show, just around the corner from the venue. A young woman is repairing shoes in her studio with a whole bunch of other shoes around her; absolutely dedicated to her craft, making something last longer. She and The Row show are geographically close, but that’s not the only way they share an affinity. At a time when we all crave longevity in the things we buy and own, it’s possible to find it—and it feels good to hold on to it.



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