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The Samsung Galaxy M34 will be priced the same as its predecessor

The Samsung Galaxy M 33 will launch later this week (Friday) and we already know some Key Information Specifications Thanks for this page on Amazon India. One thing you won’t find on that page (yet!) is the price – but leaker Yogesh Brar claims to know it.

According to the leaker, M46 will be available in Rs.Pricing) -18, scope. For reference, Galaxy M 33 is priced at Rs. , Available for 6/120GB phones when they arrived last April.

Samsung Galaxy M34 highlights Samsung Galaxy M34 highlights

1280Samsung Galaxy M33 Highlights

compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy M 31 has a different display (6.34” AMOLED and 6.6” LCD, both 120Hz FHD+), both use Exynos 231 Chipset, both with 46 MP Camera (M31 supports OIS), both have 6, mAh battery. The same pricing should come as no surprise then.

Galaxy A46 is significantly more expensive, however, $12, Base 8/120GB variant. The A-series models will get better software support and a slightly larger 6.6-inch AMOLED screen, but with a smaller 5-inch, mAh battery, other than that, the two phones aren’t much different.

Rupee19, Price range includes competitors from other brands such as OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, iQOO Z7s, Realme Narzo 31 Pro , Redmi Note 000 (5G) and others.

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