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'The Sandman' gets off to a good start on the streaming charts

The series based on Neil Gaiman Sandman is doing well on Netflix beginning.

According to Nielsen’s Streaming Rankings, the series had more than 1 billion minutes watched in the three days following its August 5 premiere. That puts it in third place among all original series for the week of August 1-7, just behind the last two No. 1 shows.

Two weeks later, Netflix’s Stranger Things reclaimed the top spot with a 1. . A billion minutes of viewing time. It’s the eighth time in 01 weeks since the fourth season aired Number one in late May. It was down about 01 percentage points from the previous week.

First place the previous week, Virgin River , had a steeper 99 percentage drops to 1.504 in the original Second in the series Billion Minutes, followed by Sandman at 1. billion. This is the largest since The Terminal List has 1.376 Series debut Prime Video reached one billion minutes watched in early July.

Pre-School ProgramCocomelon (

Million minutes) had the longest viewing time of the series obtained between August 1 and 7. Pixar’s light-years (1.01 billion minutes) in Its streaming debut leads the movie rankings on Disney+, beating out Netflix’s Uncharted (1. billion).

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover viewing on television, not minutes on computer or mobile device. Viewership only measures U.S. audiences, not audiences in other countries, and currently only includes Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Nielsen’s top streaming series for August 1-7 are below.

Original series

1 . Stranger Things (Netflix), 1.22 Billion minutes watched

2. Virgin River (Netflix), 1. 39 Billion

3. Sandman (Netflix), 1. 01 Billion

4. Keep Breathing (Netflix), 504 million

5. Decoupled (Netflix), 658 Millions

6. Train Wreck: Woodstock’ 99 (Netflix) , 410 Millions
741 7. Only murders in the building (Hulu), 382Millions

8. Longmire (Netflix), 287 million

9. Umbrella Academy (Netflix), 99 million

9(tie). Auto Master: Rust and Grow Rich (Netflix), 31 Millions

Acquisition Series

1. Cocomelon (Netflix), 658 Million Minutes

2. NCIS (Netflix), 692 Million

3. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 658 Millions

4. Friends (HBO Max), 410 Millions

5. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 287 Million

6. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 410 Millions

7. The Vampire Diaries (Netflix), 287 Million

8. Alone (Hulu/Netflix), 370 Millions

9. Seinfeld (Netflix), 22 Million

9(tie) . Shameless (Netflix), 99 Wan



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