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'The School of Good and Evil' Review: Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington Get Nowhere in Paul Feig's YA Fantasy Misfire

Shake off years of dust in studio development hell, Soman Chainani’s series spin-off YA novel, School of Good and Evil , not only lugging Harry Potter and Miss Peregrin’s Home for Special Children , lumbering towards the screen , but there are too many knockoffs to list. Given his inexperience with fairy tale fantasies, it’s no surprise that Paul Feig shows zero sense of the genre’s world-building. Still, it’s a uniquely tiresome tirade – wildly over-curated, rambunctiously derived, wildly over-long, and smeared thickly across a huge symphony score, striving to make the smallest Emotional risk fuels the legend.

was acquired and put into production by Netflix after Universal went off the air, a luxury feature , albeit in a geeky, candy-colored way, maybe teens and teens who fantasize about being princesses or witches might find something to enjoy. Good luck to them. I never dreamed that I wouldn’t love a movie where an offended teen gets mad, “That female ghost is my mom!” But that’s what we’re here for.

The School of Good and Evil

The bottom line failed.

Release Date : Wednesday, October 27

actor: Sophia Anne Caruso, Sophia Wylie, Lawrence Fishburne ,

Michelle Yeoh , Jamie Frates, Kit Young, Cate Bran Chet,

Kerry Washington,

Charlize TheronDirector: Paul Feig

Screenwriters : David Magee, Paul Feig in Soman Chainani Rated PG-, 2 hours27 minute

The opening moment takes us into a suffocating illusion l Creation School With twin brothers Rafal and Rhian (both played by Kit Young) maintaining the balance of good and evil, the CG world of video game-style swordsmanship takes place in a ominous place known as the “Duel Arena,” which is never mentioned again. But after billions of years of peaceful coexistence, Rafal is suddenly fed up with the status quo. “I prefer chaos,” he told Rhian as usual, and Rhian warned him that summoning “blood magic” would devour him.

Evil doesn’t share,” Rafael told his brother. “When I’m done, evil doesn’t fail. “

The clearest storybook authority.

Sophia Anne Caruso was an orphan, as her late mother told her , she’s destined to change the world. But that seems unlikely in sleepy Garvarden. Agatha (Sofia Wiley) is in another cabin just over the hill, and her mother is A failed witch who has high hopes for her daughter. The two girls are best friends, laughing off the bullying of children who call them freaks and carving the vow of eternal bond on the village’s wishing tree.

When they learned of the existence of the School of Good and Evil (also from Patti LuPone), Sophie put her application letter in a fold of bark. Soon after, she was called by a stymph The Giant Skull Bird takes away and Aggie catches it.

WRONG SCHOOL. Petite blonde Sophie, who dreams of being Cinderella, lands “Never” at the Goth Center, by the vicious Dean Lady Lessor (Charlize Theron) hosts. (We know she cuts her breeches meanly, like Joan Crawford in Queen Bee .)

Feisty Agatha could have stayed at home with aspiring witches and warlocks when she found herself surrounded by the snickering princess in the pastel ball gown in “Evers” Surrounded by sweet professor Dovi (Kerry Washington). Cosmetology classes are taught by Professor Anemone (Michelle Yeoh), a resident of Terra who disappoints the girls with her poor smile skills.

Despite Sophie and Aggie’s insistence that it was a mistake in their admissions, the principal (Laurence Fishburne) insists there was no mistake. Their roles are already written on the pages of Storian, which is A fairy tale magnum opus, written in a magic quill, explaining where all Blanchett’s plum “so it came, blah, blah, blah…” interjection came from. Apparently, the only solution was to let Sophie wins her true love’s kiss, so she sets her sights on King Arthur’s son Tedros (Jamie Frates), who has half the students swooning. But the date between Evers and Nevers is Strictly forbidden, didn’t you know?

If all of this was distilled into a clear narrative thread, it might be a little fascinating. But David Magee and There’s so much clutter in Feige’s script that we’re always swerving in dreary detours, like in a survival class in a dark enchanted forest

Most of the plot revolves around The inevitable test of Sophie and Aji’s friendship unfolds, which is further deteriorated by Rafal’s return in the bloody maelstrom. led to the dark side. Once she’s assembled her bad-girl crew, the obligatory glam makeover, crazy giggles, and slow-motion props of power are prompted. Then there’s Total War during the annual Evers Ball, where Evers throws Molotov cocktails and other standard CG chaos in a conflict that’s too busy and chaotic.

It’s also just never fun. Of course, Aggie will find ways to save Sophie and the school from Rafal’s reign of terror, as the synoptic nature of this convoluted story means that the wannabe bad girl is inherently good. Good triumphs over evil. yawn.

Feige seems erratic in a film where comedy is an accident rather than a driving force. Maybe he thinks he’s making The Princess Bride for a new generation, but nothing here is real enough to attract significant investment, even within the elastic parameters of a fairy tale. The attempts at humor are mostly mind-numbingly uninteresting, so much so that you might have a hard time believing it was directed by the same Bridesmaids and Spy .

The actors are not very interesting either. Theron, Washington and Fishburne all looked gorgeous in designer Renée Ehrlich Kalfus’ flamboyant outfits, but their starchy Mid-Atlantic accents dampened their performances. At least until they forget about them. Yeoh is just embarrassingly underutilized. Caruso (on Broadway

Beetle Juice

musical) stuck with a character so inconsistent, she’s annoying, and Wylie brings some welcome spirit to the troubled Agatha.

All the way to pop music — Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, 2WEI’s thunderous cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” — the film features a puppy a desire to cater to its target audience. But it was an uncharismatic, unexciting attempt that never really got off the ground.

Full credits

Distribution: Netflix Production companies: Roth/Kirschenbaum, Feigco Entertainment, Jane Startz Productions

Starring: Sofia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wiley, Lawrence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Frates, Kit Young, Peter Serafinowitz, Rob Delaney, Mark Hepp, Patty Lupen, Rachel Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, Earl Cave, Freya Parks, Ally Cubb Director: Paul Feig
Screenwriters: David Magee, Paul Feig, adapted from the book Author: Soman Chainani Producers: Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum , Laura Fischer, Paul Feig, Jane Startz Executive Producers: Stephen Jones, Zach Ross, Chris Castaldi, Soman Chanani, Patricia Regan Director of Photography: John Schwartzman

Production Designer: Andy Nicholson Costume designer: Renée Ehrlich Kalfus Music: Theodore Shapiro Editor: Brent White

VFX Supervisor: Erik Nordby Special Action Choreography: Walter GarciaCasting: Fiona Weir Rated PG-, 2 hours 27 minute

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