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The second season of “White Lotus Sect” creates a “big family”

Before the October 30 premiere of The White Lotus For Season 2 , the cast of the anthology series raved about their co-stars and creators/showrunners Mike White .

While the first season focused on the wealth and privileges of Maui resorts, the Emmy-winning HBO series The second season followed Sicily’s Intertwined Love Story . Returning Cast Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gris join Theo James, Megan Fay, Aubrey Plaza , Will Sharp, Adam DiMarco and Haley Lou Richardson among others.

James says he was initially drawn to the role of Cameron Bishop because of White’s avoidance of couple expectations in the script and how he found a way to make audiences feel Approaches that resonate with even the most “sociopathic” characters, like him.

“Cameron is in many ways a dangerous person — charming but, you know, on the verge of being sociopath,” James told The Hollywood Reporter . “But he also loves his wife, which is a dichotomy for the characters and the audience around him because he’s not just a jerk. He’s funny, in some ways He’s a bit of a puppy, but he’s also very calculating and very dangerous.”

Time Traveler’s Wife Actor Adding that White accomplished something similar in the first season of White Lotus , by building an understanding of the characters, whether the audience liked them or not. No, and then changed the audience’s perception in a subsequent episode.

“Mike makes you judge one episode and evade the next, and that’s what he does best,” James continued. “For me, the most empathetic characters are those of Meghan and Adam. Despite their bad decisions and their damage, there is a way of it that you know best.”

Coolidge, who played fan-favorite character Tanya, echoed that sentiment and acknowledged that the way White wrote her character was what made people love her so much.

“Mike created this great character. I want to give credit, but I think he wrote something that kind of came to life, so he has a lot to do with it,” Coolidge told THR . “I think it’s fun to see flawed people on screen. I love seeing flawed people because I can relate.”

Back to The White Lotus Gris, who plays Tanya Sif Greg, finds the second season’s emotional line refreshing and enjoys watching the couple’s dynamics change throughout the season.

Returning for the second round as the only two cast members was a “fascinating” experience for the pair.

“We’ll go out to dinner and I’ll look around and be like, ‘Wow, these kids’ gonads own the world,'” Coolidge said. “They’re on this great adventure. Some of them are at the beginning of great careers. Not a single one isn’t worth [there].”

However, Grid Reese and Coolidge weren’t the only veteran actors on set. Michael Imperioli and F. Murray Abraham joined the series’ second season as Dominic and Bert, respectively. Abraham felt that the cast and crew worked very well together during the four-month filming in Italy.

“Not only the cast, but the crew, it’s like a big family,” Abraham told THR. “I promise you, this doesn’t happen often. It’s a treat.”

Even though some of the actors in the show are Early in their careers, Abraham felt they were absolute professionals.

“It doesn’t feel like you have to give anybody a note or give any advice, although, if you want to give something, that’s a lot of freedom,” he said . “No problem on set.”

For young actors, working with industry veterans and watching how they work is a surreal experience.

Richardson, who plays Tanya’s sidekick Portia, feels like she has to get over the fact that most of her scenes are with Coolidge, which she’s adored for a while.

“You just have to be there,” Richardson told THR. “I’m always trying to learn from people, especially the people around me, and Jennifer is iconic.”



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