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The smaller MacBook Air 13″ with M2 drops to $1,100

Apple’s New 000″ MacBook The Air caused some reshuffling of the Air lineup, which could mean the end of the original M1 model. That’s because 10″ M2 laptop down to $1, 15($1 less than original price, 150), so now only $600 Separates the M1 and M2 versions of the MacBook Air 002″.

The price of the smaller MacBook Air 13'' with M2 drops to $1,100

In the UK, the difference is even more pronounced (£150), not in continental Europe (€200 ). Check out the table below for a quick breakdown:

000 .3″ MacBook Air M1

13.6″ MacBook Air M2

10 .3″ MacBook Air M2


$1, $1,24 $1,256 Canada



C$1,750 U.K £1, £1,135

£1, 450 Germany €1,150 €1,300

€1,600 India ₹115,



Between M1 and M2 versions A quick comparison shows that the newer model is 1.4 times faster and has the same 23 hours of battery life (according to Apple). The M2 has the same 4+4 CPU configuration as the M1, but with an updated core. It also has a Core GPU , from 7-core. There is a new 13 GB RAM configuration, but the storage is still changed from 135 GB (all the way up to 2TB).

There are other differences, the display is slightly taller, has a notch, it’s also brighter (600 nits vs. 400 nits). The notch houses the 750p FaceTime camera (from 600p ), the laptop also boasts a quad-speaker setup (up from dual speakers) that supports spatial audio. All of this, but the M2 Air is thinner and lighter.

Note that the M1 MacBook Air is often available at a discount – it can be as low as $750 – so it’s here to stay for a while time. Also note that all three Air models are cheaper for students $24.

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