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The Sony Xperia 5 V will be exclusive to O2 in the UK

O2 will be the exclusive network provider for the Sony Xperia 5 V in the UK. The carrier hasn’t revealed details about contracts yet – that will happen as the phone launches on September 28 – but for reference the SIM-free price is £850.

O2 offers split contracts, i.e. after you pay off the phone, your monthly bill will be reduced to cover only your voice/data plan. Speaking of data plans, they will include up to 25GB for roaming in the EU.

Sony Xperia 5 V Sony Xperia 5 V
Sony Xperia 5 V

There are some perks too, depending on your plan you will be able to get up to 6 free months of Disney+, Amazon Prime and Audible. There’s also the Priority service, which gives you pre-sale access to tickets and discount prices for concerts.

For more on the Xperia 5 V, check out our review, we have a video review out as well.



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