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The Sorcerer's Bride Season 2 ‒ Episode 6

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride (TV 2)?

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Last week we covered Chise’s new alumni in more depth and you may wish to continue here. Instead, we once again retreat from the academy, meet more familiar faces, and dive once more into the complex emotional tangle that holds our threads together. This time, with the help of Chise’s friend/ex-enemy/young lady Alice, she has very complicated feelings for the older man she lives with.

The complexity of these feelings comes into focus here, Alice overhears Renfred proudly describing her as his daughter, affirming his responsibility to raise and protect her. Funny how in damn any other situation it would have been a warm climax that brought them closer, but for Alice it was the last thing she wanted to hear. To her, it just confirmed her anxiety that she wasn’t strong enough to be useful to Renfred and that he had to see her as a burden rather than an ally. We, the audience, know this isn’t an accurate or fair assessment, but Alice can’t help but define her worth by her utility to those she cares about. Coupled with guilt about what happened to Joseph before they joined the show, it’s no wonder she’s seeking guidance from someone whose family life is more complicated.

Chise and Elias have talked about their waving The question of not going is in episode four, but it’s time for them to finally have a conversation together. Elias was still deciphering what his feelings meant, trying to put into words the amorphous thoughts and feelings that bubbled through his head. Everyone struggles with this, so I guess it’s more difficult when you’re an ageless shadow monster who’s neither immortal nor human. Chise is on top of her emotional maturity, but there’s more to grapple with as she tries to have her say on what they’ve got. They don’t necessarily need one—as she herself says, what matters is that she’s happy to spend her life with him—but at the same time, naming something can make it feel more authentic, safer, and more specific. You can’t tangibly keep a relationship, but being able to call it “friendship,” “family,” or “love” can anchor it firmly in your heart and provide clarity on how to move forward.

See our lead couple Hash True It’s refreshing to tackle problems with honest vulnerability — something they desperately needed but couldn’t do in season one. They haven’t found a definitive name for their relationship, but have chosen bride and husband for the time being. Considering Zhise’s age, then can Out of context, but me too % Pretty sure Elias doesn’t know what sex is, so it’s not that worrisome. If we get an arc on Beltane, then I’ll start grabbing those two pearls.

I also like Alice’s story don’t get A simple solution. She probably wants to see her relationship with Renfred as one of debt and protection. Still, out of unconditional love, he remains steadfast in caring for her, telling her in a stern way to prioritize her own life over trying to repay his kindness. It’s a messy but believable wall for the duo, in stark contrast to their more open-minded counterparts. Most importantly, it’s clear that both parties care about each other, and as long as they can finally be honest about their feelings and intentions, they can work things out.

That said, doubling does feel weird Coming back to this topic again after we start working at the school. I appreciate what’s going on here, it’s fascinating in its own right. Still, part of me wonders why we couldn’t have done it sooner or delayed until we have a clearer picture of what’s going on at the Academy. Halfway through the season, we still feel like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop with a bigger cast and mystery. I don’t need to rush to Fireworks, but some forward momentum would go a long way this season.




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