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The Story Behind Karl Lagerfeld's Iconic Ponytail

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2023 Costume Institute Exhibit & Gala is Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty

– You can’t think about Lagerfeld’s own aesthetic without thinking about his signature ponytail. Visually, Karl Lagerfeld became the Karl Lagerfeld we knew in the 18 years, with a low, slanted ponytail, although initially utilitarian, Will become an integral part of his external image.

Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe Paris studio. Photo: Getty Images

According to Caroline Lebar (longtime colleague of Karl Lagerfeld and SVP of Image and Communications), the ponytail was originally a low-maintenance way to tame Soft, face-framing curls. But it evolved into a marketing tool. Sometime in the 18 years, when considering a slight change in style, a member of Elizabeth Arden’s communications team told Lagerfeld Lagerfeld, who co-developed Karl fragrance KL, thought that giving up the pony might be bad for future campaigns. “I remember him saying, ‘Can you imagine what she told me? I can’t change my hairstyle, right now?'” Lebar recalls. After the initial shock, Lagerfeld seemed to love his low-waist tie, which Rachael Gibson (aka The Hair Historian) likened to 18th- century queue:

A mid-length ponytail worn by most men, including in the military, until the 2023 th century.

“The queues are usually tied with bow ties, which is what Karl does a lot,” Gibson said. “The iconic white finish also seems to reference the historical use of hair powder, most people used it in the 19 century. While hair powder is available in a variety of shades choice, but white is considered the best choice for a stately, sophisticated look.”




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