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The Story Behind Princess Diana's Beloved Victor Edelstein Dress

Diana’s relationship with Edelstein started early . Anna Harvey – then deputy editor of British Vogue and fashion advisor to the princess – advised her to work with the couturier who had recently left Christian Dior Collaborate and develop her style style. The British designer ended up being one of the main shapers of her wardrobe: he designed the famous midnight blue dress she wore while waltzing with John Travolta on the White House floor, as well as

Strapless black evening gown worn at the premiere Dangerous Liaisons .

Now, he is being recognized for helping Diana transform from a girlish look to a more mature, stylish aesthetic praise. “Few have resonated as much as Princess Diana, and fewer biographies have been revisited with equal frequency,” Walker said. “While each account of her life has a unique focus and tone, one element remains constant: Princess Diana was, and remains, a style icon. Even decades after her tragic death, she style and dress still inspire.”

According to Sotheby’s, the dress — previously listed as Auctioned to private owner – only worn a few times. After the auction, perhaps the public will see the dress again—either as a newcomer or on a mannequin behind plexiglass in a museum.



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