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The Story Behind Ziwe's Mugler Show Debut

Of course Ziwei can do what she says. The little-known New York comedian carved out a unique path for himself by grilling celebrities on third-track topics like race, politics and gender on Instagram Live, and later on a late-night talk show on Showtime. Her interview style is relentless. “Do you want to apologize to any marginalized community?” she once asked Chet Hanks, who has repeatedly faced accusations of cultural appropriation. But on Thursday, during Paris Fashion Week, the comedian gave a thrilling show that she can, too.

The spiky star made her fashion show debut in Mugler’s mesmerizingly chaotic show in Paris. The show is helmed by creative director Casey Cadwallader and features several celebrity appearances. Musician Arca stomped down the runway, snatching a wallet from rapper JT along the way. Pose star Dominique Jackson taps into her dancehall roots. Ziwe, for her part, swaggered with microphone in hand to Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna, who sat in the front row, and she said An iconic Bravo world phrase. “Are you ready to have it? ” The whole experience felt a lot like Ziwe’s own brand: off the rails in a delightful way.

“It was a crazy experience,” Ziwe said on the way back to her Brooklyn apartment from the airport on Friday afternoon. She says she’s always been a fan of the Mugler brand’s Cadwallader days; she used up the repeat button in their hilarious spring 2022 fashion flick. But walking a couture show is a moment that makes me feel miserable. “I’m really just basking in the glory and illusion of [it all],” she told Vogue over the phone. Although Ziwe often hangs out with Emily Ratajkowski, she doesn’t turn to models for catwalk tips. At least, not directly. “Honestly, I just watch a lot of TikTok videos,” she said. “I watched EmRata on TikTok.”

Below, Ziwe shares how she prepared for her debut feeling like she was on America’s Next Top Model An episode of ), and the future of her talk show.

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