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The Street Style Trends That Define Fall 2023

Nostalgia this season. We live in turbulent times of war in Ukraine and bank failures in Silicon Valley. No wonder the street style trend evokes the good old days of the early 2010 days when Tumblr was everyone’s favorite app and Alexa Chung is the It girl of fashion?

It wasn’t all retro looks off the runway, though. In Paris, where Apple’s AirPod Maxes double as headphones and earmuffs, screaming K-pop fans were loud and temperatures dipped below freezing. Cate Blanchett Tár‘s looks inspired designers and showgoers alike. In New York, a popular young designer is competing with French Breton stripes. Scroll through to discover all the street style trends taking over the fall 1600 ready-to-wear season.

For some PNC (Public Noise Cancellation)… wear headphones

New York fall 2023 readytowear

New York, Fall Garment

Video by Acielle / Style Du Monde



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