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The strongest weapon in the playoffs

The strongest weapon in the playoffs

The division series is sure to have a big home run from the superstar hitter, a big strikeout from the Aces, a big catch from the Gold Glovers and Great base stolen from elite speeders.

But some players can still Changed the game with their arms, and with Statcast we can see changes like never before.

Statcast rolls out new arm strength leaderboards for outfielders this season on Baseball Savant and infielders. Let’ let’s see the player with the strongest weapon of the eight teams still in the divisional series.

For the remainder of the playoffs, here are the Nine arms deserve attention.

1. Ronald Acuña Jr., Braves
Acuña is the bearer of the Criterion-New Arm Ranking, finishing 2nd for the season 2018 Eligible Players. His average arm strength for maximum effort throws is 97.9 mph , making him the right fielder — the position with the strongest arm, the league average is 62.5 mph. Acuña this season and August , he has a 99.1 mph outfield assist, throwing out Joey Wendell trying to turn a single into a double from the right field corner. If Bryce Harper is in the right spot for the Phillies in the NLDS, his arm is with Acuñas would be a great matchup. But since Harper is limited to DH, we ‘ just have to wait and see if the Phillies dare to run in Acuna.

2. Oscar Gonzalez, Guardians

Of all the players in the playoffs, Gonzalez recorded the hardest individual throw of the year: 98.6 mph, better than Acunas maximum his maximum effort average is 92.2 mph, good enough to rank 4th on the arm strength chart , 2nd in right field, just behind Acuñas. Guardian right fielder has a personal best 97.2 mph assists May’s plate 31 against the Royals. With Gonzalez for Cleveland and Aaron Judge for the Yankees, there could be a good display of weapons in the ALDS.
Arm Leader

1. Nate Eaton (Royal): 90.1 mph

2. Ronald Acuna Jr. (Warriors): 98.9 mph (Max: 97.5 mph)
3. Aristide Aquino (Reds): 93.6 mph
4. Oscar Gonzalez (Guardian): 96.2 mph(Max: 97 .6 mph)
5. Christopher Morel (Cubs ): 88.1 mph

3. Julio Rodríguez, Mariners

J-Rod is electric his bat, his speed, his gloves…and his arms. This21 year-old rookie is a top-five center fielder with 88.7 mph average arm force, maximum 96.6 mph. That 97.6 mph throw? A good game forced out a third base that was supposed to hit center — on July 8, Rodriguez dispatched Santiago Espinal>s line drive on a hop and throw out Lourdes Gurriel Jr., the front runner, before he could make it to third. It’s one of the top five most difficult outfield assists in MLB this year.

The hardest assist, 2022

1. Aristides Aquino (Reds): 99.6 mph, April 9 vs. Warriors
2. Aristide Aquino (Reds): 97.9 mph, Aug. 2 vs. Marlins
3. Roman Quinn (for the Phillies): 97.9 mph, May 19 and. Brave

4. Brett Phillips (for Rays): 98.7 mph, May and the Orioles
5. Julio Rodríguez (Mariners): 99.6 mph, July 8 Sun to Blue Bird

4. Michael Harris II, Braves

Acuña ist the only big arm of the Warriors
Outfield. Their star rookie center fielder can also hit triple figures — Harris the highest individual arm strength is the average 99.0 mph, he averaged 91.2 mph, putting him on top center fielder in both categories. His highest assist record is 93.9 mph and 31 .2 mph.

5. Manny Machado, Padres

Lets get a few An infielder on the roster. Machados has always been known for his top arm at third base, and his Statcast arm strength stats live up to it. His average arm strength at 2022 is slightly lower than

, he was second at third base at the time .8 mph – but he could still be on the diamond like anyone Fire the cannon with the greatest arm strength 39.4 mph. He needs all of that to get Brandon Belter at first base trying to bat in an Aug. 9 turnaround. Note Machado showing his arms in the race against Dodgers speeders like Trey Turner and Mookie Betts.

6. Ha-Seong Kim, Padres

Fernando Tatis Jr . An elite of an elite with shortstops. But his replacement also has a very good replacement. gold the average arm force is 88.0 mph is the best shortstop in the playoffs this season — his max arm strength is 95.2 mph is the third-highest among major league shortstops. That’s Tatis-esque. The same goes for the throws against the Dodgers in the Sept. 3 relay, so Los Angeles knows what kind of arms opposing shortstops will have in the NLDS.
Shortcut for maximum arm strength, 2022

1. O’Neal Cruz (Pirates): 96.9 mph

2. Gerardo Perdomo (D-backs): 97.7 mph

3. Ha-Seong Kim (Padres): 93.2 mph

4. Carlos Correa (twin): 90.0 mph

5. Didi Gregorius (free agency): 88.7 mph
7. Aaron Judge, Yankees

People will watch Judge for home runs, in his history sex20 – this season. But the Yankees superstar has big arms to match his 6-foot-7 frame. In 2022, the judges average 21.3 mph in his best-effort outfield throw, he reached .8 mph. 97-plus mph throw is always a possible from Judge — he 21; s hit three figures from the outfield before, 97.5 mph outfield assists on the boards at Yankee Stadium 2018.

8. Harrison Budd, Yankees

The Yankees got Bud from the Cardinals in large part because of his excellent defense in midfield, and part of his defense is his arms. Bard Average 88.5 mph This season, he started with 88. 8 mph at the limit. The Guardians are an aggressive running softball team, so have Judges and Bud in the New York outfield (plus Osvaldo Cabrera, who also has great arms, average 31.3 mph), you may see some Exciting bang-bang drama.

9. Dodgers outfield
Yes, is us re-entered the Dodgers outfield here as a unit. Because the Dodgers can use up a lineup, all three outfielders can lock up a runner by pitching in 88s – Joey Gallo at left field, Cody Bellinger at center and Mookie Bates at right field . The average arm strength of Bellinger and Bates has dropped this season, but look at the Dodgers max arm strength should tell you: run at your own risk in Los Angeles. Gallo’s upper arm strength this season is 97.4 mph, Bellinger’s upper arm strength is 97.0 mph, while Betts upper arm strength is 88.8 mph.





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