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The 'Succession' finale gave us one last turtleneck moment that had us obsessed


is officially over, since Lizzie McGuire

went off the air when I was in middle school. (They’re equally important texts, don’t @me.) Over the show’s four-year run, we’ve analyzed everything from Shiv’s hair to every line in every episode, so maybe the finale offers another outfit that fits the interpretation Moment: Gold-brown turtleneck sweater from Lukas Matsson. Opting to have Matsson wear GQ

writer Sam Parker recently called it “a big, bright, itchy turtleneck that doesn’t make a lot of sense” Must be intentional, but what is it saying? Matsson (who, to be fair, is played by hot Swedish giant Alexander Skarsgård, who looks good in anything) usually wears athleisure, but he celebrates big company moments…dressed like Don Draper on vacation in Los Angeles? Or no, not even Don… Pete. That’s the harshest thing I’ve ever said to anyone.

Matsson’s turtleneck is definitely ugly, but in a way that has status and makes me wonder if I should be adding more mustard brown into my wardrobe. (No, besides, Matsson is a known pervert who involuntarily mails his blood to women, so why am I romanticizing his style choices? All I can say is that the Pinterest mood board revolution has exploded Wrecked my brain.) As business whiz Jack Donaghy once said on 30 Rock

about outdated clothing, ” It’s called a power conflict, and I’m doing it because I can.” Is that what Matsson is doing here? He’s celebrating the fact that he’s finally getting the source of strength he’s coveted for years by wearing a worn-out turtleneck that leaves no doubt who’s really calling the shots here?

Perhaps the interpretation of the turtleneck is cultural. However, when I google “Scandinavian turtlenecks,” I get a lot of results asking me, “Did you mean Nordic turtlenecks?” (I’ve never heard of them either. got some ads for suspiciously cute turtlenecks from the brand, but that’s neither here nor there.) It’s also possible that Matsson is just a very odd guy (see: involuntary blood mailing) who thinks a mega-merger is in the day A perfect opportunity to dress like one of Heidi’s friends on an important DMV trip. One thing is for sure: there will never be another show like Succession, and there will never be another villain like Lukas Matsson. (Personally, I choose to honor his legacy in my mind with a sweatshirt rather than a turtleneck.)




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