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The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale ‒ Episode 4

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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale?

Community Rating: 4.3
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I’m not a violent person, but wow, Annie slapping Jonas is so satisfying. It might have been a lesser punishment since not only did he steal her candy – he also tried to kill her as I doubt he thought Char would protect her – but when you boil it down to that slap is just his justice A portion of dessert. The real price he paid was his humiliation: not only was he unable to make butterfly wings while Anne was making a whole butterfly and a flower, but he had to laugh at him in front of Anne and the Viscount Silver Sugar. The king and queen, who lay face down in the dirt. Considering Jonas’ personality and arrogance,


That’s a pretty substantial price to pay for him, especially when you think about how it’s going to haunt him again for the rest of his life.

Even without Jonas’ humiliation , it was a triumphant episode. Annie did not receive a medal to become a master of silver sugar, but her skill far exceeded the approval of the royal couple and the viscount silver sugar. But more importantly, she learned to have more confidence in her skills, which she desperately needed. She also proved that she kept her word, if not better: she gave him back Challe’s wings sooner than promised. Yes, it happened in a dark moment, but more importantly, Annie always wanted to set him free. She slumped briefly to hypocrisy, and it’s still hard to forgive her for buying him off, but it feels a little easier now as viewers to give her our trust.

Also worth mentioning is Challe As if doing his part to help her understand how her having him hindered their relationship. He won’t call her name or let her touch his wings until she puts his amputated limb back in place. These are measures of trust and equality that she doesn’t allow unless they are truly on equal footing, although I think Annie still needs to understand that. But when he tells Anne, the nymph born from Annie’s gaze and blueberries, is “special,” what he’s really saying is that she’s proven she can be trusted. He’s still not entirely happy with the feelings she seems to be developing (hence his made-up reasons for being with her and Mithril Gadpod). Still, he’s willing to admit that she’s someone he doesn’t want to leave, even if Mithril proves to be the ultimate mood killer.

Hugh, it’s Silver Sugar Viscount This week may be another story. He doesn’t care about atmosphere like Mithril does, but there’s something disturbing about the way he treats Annie. It almost feels like he’s playing with her, like he has his own plans for her skills that he won’t share with anyone. This would have been so simple he allowed the King to award her a medal; he basically missed his opportunity, and that’s something we should keep in mind. It’s also easy for him to announce that Jonas stole Annie’s work because he knows it. Since Challe has been honest about her feelings, it’s worrying that Hugh is leaning more towards the Jonas camp in the way he treats Anne.

At least Annie is making progress. We haven’t really acknowledged that Annie is still grieving—her mother died two weeks before the story begins. She’s starting to process that grief, and it could make a big difference as she continues to develop and grow as a craftsman.


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