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The sweetest pictures of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from coronation weekend

The coronation of King Charles III was filled with some very serious historic moments (mainly St Edward’s crown being placed on the new monarch’s head by the Archbishop of Canterbury) and some lighthearted moments (Katie Perry in a huge gold gown immediately comes to mind). However, you can always count on three royals for plenty of entertainment and fun moments: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

All three young royals were in attendance, with Prince George, who served in a prominent role as one of the Pages of Honor during his service, standing on the balcony to watch the Red Arrows make history moment. It’s a great shame that the coronation concert passed Prince Louis’ bedtime – plus he’s probably exhausted from being funny in front of the Buckingham Palace crowd.

Princess Charlotte plays archery on final day of coronation game.

Photo: Getty Images

Prince Louis on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Photo: Getty Images

On Monday (a UK bank holiday), the whole family took part in the Big Help scheme, which encourages people to Use the day to volunteer in your local community. The family of five visited a local Scout lodge in Slough to help improve the building – and after their hard work, partied in classic Scouting activities including archery and marshmallow roasting. There, Prince Louis gave us – you guessed it – a lot of comic moments with a wheelbarrow and marshmallow sticks.

Scroll through for some of the best looks from the young royals during coronation weekend best photo.



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