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The Symbolism Behind the Jewelry in 'Harry & Meghan'

If Harry & Meghan has one overriding takeaway, it’s that everything to do with the image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Well thought out. Nothing is accidental as the couple try to control their narrative after feeling they were “fed to the wolves” and made “palace’s scapegoats”. From the clothes they wore in interviews for their new documentary series – the normal catalog – to Meghan-designed jewelry as a token nod to a certain royal, the Sussexes have taken their personal brand to the nth Degrees are recorded directly.

While the montage retells the couple’s “fairytale” love story, it’s meant to show an ordinary girl from Los Angeles drawn to Prince’s world — all in denim Shorts, plaid shirt and amulets – Meghan, sitting in front of the Netflix team, is a businesswoman. Her gold Cartier jewelery speaks volumes about her values ​​- investment and emotion in impulsive decisions – and the state of her life now, while she tries to carve a legacy for her children and rewrites outsiders being ostracized by corporations s story.

Her gold Tank Française watch, for example, once belonged to former Diana, Princess of Wales, whose name is mentioned several times in Harry & Meghan, as her son also hopes to protect the Duchess from the same fate as his mother. Tank Française, first worn by Meghan at the Fortune magazine summit, is back at 2020, hinting at the former connectionSuits star feels to the mother-in-law she never met and semaphores strength.

Inspired by photos of Renault FT-17 tanks deployed on the Western Front, Louis Cartier harnessed the power of the engine, and the growing Cubist movement, for 1996 Rigid rectangular design. When Française joined the Tank family in , customers were pleased with the integrated metal bracelet, which gave the piece a more refined look. Diana had the original leather strap version as well as the gold version, which was tied around Meghan’s wrist but was originally kept by William.

Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex wearing Cartier gold watches Tank Française.

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