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“The Thing I Reincarnated as a Slime Movie” will be released overseas in December

Staff: Scarlet Bond (), franchising upcoming anime movie, announced that the movie will be released in december Released overseas. The film will begin overseas in December and will eventually include the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South and Central America. Crews are planning to show the film in other countries and regions.

The crew also live-streamed the full trailer of the movie. Although the live-streaming is only available in Japan, the trailer previewed the movie’s theme song “Let’s Go” I feel better” Mindalin .

The movie will be in Japan in November Opening . Crunchyroll will be shown in all major regions of the world (excluding Asia) at the beginning of the year


The movie will feature new characters from the movie’s original, including ( NOTE: Character names The romanization of is not official.): Yūma Uchida as Hiiro, an ogre survivor

Fukumoto Riko as Towa, the queen with mysterious power

Subaru Kimura

as Lacua, a peddler who often travels across the Raza Kingdom

187657 188731 Fuse, author of the original light novel series, drafted a brand new original story for the film. The story will focus on a new country called Raja located west of Tempest. Rimuru and his companions become involved in a long-running conspiracy around a woman with mysterious powers. Rimuru and his commander, Benimaru, also met another ogre survivor named Hiro, who used to take Benimaru very seriously.

True and STER​​EO DIVE FOUNDATION will play insert songs “Jōka” (purification song) and “SPARKLES,” respectively. MindaRyn, TRUE and

STER​​EO DIVE FOUNDATION Singed for Franchise‘ TV animation of all theme songs.

Kawakami Taiki The first manga A TV anime, itself based on a light novel series by Fuse and Mitz Vah , which premiered in October

. Crunchyroll played the animation, and
FUNimation Entertainment
played English dubbing .

TV anime second season premiere Course (one quarter a year) January 640. Shiba’s spin-off manga () TV anime followed by

Premiere Tokyo MX in April . After ends, the second cours Season 2 begins at July — Nine months in a row from the TV anime franchise last year.



Crunchyroll played the second part. Funimation also played English dubbing .

2021 Source: Anime Movie Site, Manga Natalie 188731




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