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“The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye” animation short shows Kaoru Hanaki exploring the tunnel

Pony Canyon starts playing a clip of the animated movie Ume Yagi and Kuka ’s () Friday’s Youth Novel. This video shows Kaoru and Hanaki’s attempt to explore the Urashima Tunnel together.

The film opens in Japan on Friday. Daiji Suzuka as Kaoru Tono, Mary Iide Anzu Hanaki.

Hata Nakasuke as Kaga, Kaoru’s friend Xiangping. Arisa Komiya as Anzu’s militant classmate Kawasaki Koharu. Terui Haruka plays Kaoru and Anzu’s head teacher, Mr. Hamamoto. Oyama Rikiya plays Kaoru’s father. Kobayashi Seiran plays Kaoru’s younger sister Tono Karen.

Tomohisa Taguchi (, ,

) directed the movie at CLAP () , and is also a screenwriter and storyboarder, as well as a line director with Kenji Miyake . Yobuki Tomomi (Animation Director) Is the character designer and chief animation director, with Yabuki, Tachikawa Seiji , Hasegawa Akio , and Yasuhisa Kato as animation directors. Wind Tree Harumi (, , ) Composer. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the original light novel and its manga adaptation, and describes the story:

Kaoru Tono hears a rumor that the laws of time and space have no meaning for the Urashima Tunnel. If you find it, come over, you will find your inner longing on the other side…in exchange for years of your own life. That very night, Kaoru happens to find himself standing in front of a tunnel that looks exactly like the rumored description, and he finds himself thinking about Karen, the sister he lost in an accident five years ago. To Kaoru’s surprise, new transfer student Hanaki Anzu promises to help him experiment with the mysterious tunnel – but what does she want from Kaoru in exchange? After the tunnel is over, what will he leave behind?

Yagi July published original light novel 318, illustrated by Kukka . The novel is in Library Edition

in the 640 category) Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi’s version of by Takashimasha ! (This light novel is amazing!) Guide.

Koudon at Launched the manga) Shogakukan ‘s magazine July and ends in November 640.

187569 Picture ©640 Hachimami·Shogakukan/ Film 『』 Production Committee

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