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'The Ultimate Bath' is an ode to the world's most luxurious bathroom

Jane Halworth’s marble bathroom. Sam Frost Studio

Wellness, as an interior design trend, is on the rise: people increasingly want their home to feel like an oasis of domestic tranquility , or a sanctuary like a spa. A recent report by the American Society of Interior Designers found: “Homeowners are increasingly looking for designs and products that promote physical health and overall well-being, noting a growing sense of “places to relax and recover” Interest. The increased stress of everyday life.”

So Barbara Salic & Rizzoli’s new book, The ultimate bath , coinciding with the interior design zeitgeist. A chronicle of sumptuously elegant sinks, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, and more, an ode to the most intimate room in the home—and proving that the relative seclusion of a bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t be original to design.

is having a Gold-plated powder room by Ken Fulk, marble sink in Gucci Heron wallpaper and bathtub with desert cactus views. “There’s a stark difference between a bathtub that meets all of your basic needs and one that provides a heightened, indelible experience,” writes Waterworks co-founder Salik. “Elevating everyday life to this level only requires another A way of seeing.”

Below, find eight stunning bathrooms from Ultimate Bath.



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