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The Very First Precure Transformation Item Is Recreated for Grown-up Fans

Did you miss your chance to yell “Dual Aura Wave” while holding a Card Commun in 2004? Well, now’s your chance to do it with Premium Bandai’s 20th Anniversary Pretty Memories Card Commun.

It’s hard to believe it’s the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Starting back in 2004 with the iconic , there have been, as one would assume, 20 unique installments. Granted, two of the series — and — are sequel series, this is still an impressive feat. And now as part of the 20th anniversary celebration Premium Bandai is releasing the Pretty Memories Card Commun 20th Anniversary toy.

While some may think this is a reissue of the Card Commun from 20 years ago, this is far from the truth. There are several changes made to the Anniversary version that make it more of a collector’s item first and foremost than a toy for children. Disregarding the quality of the materials first, the original is incredibly interactive. With things such as interchangeable inner and outer faces, a clock, the ability to interact with your preferred guardian fairy Mapple or Mipple, swiping toy specific cards, and the ability to link your Commun with another one — it really is a toy through and through.

But, when we look at the 20th Anniversary version of the Card Commun, we see many of those features have been removed. Namely the clock, interacting with Mapple or Mipple, and the ability to link Commun’s. This pared down version makes this more of a collector’s item than something that’s supposed to be actively played with. I should note this isn’t a complaint and more an observation as there are still interactive elements to the toy.

Once again fans will be able to change the inner and outer face of the Card Commun to their preferred Pretty Cure (pink for Cure Black and blue for Cure White). Of course, one could go all weird and mix and match between the two faces and create something wholly their own.

Also returning with the 20th Anniversary toy is the card scanning. Included in the set are five scannable cards. Of these five cards, three make their return. These are the Queen for transforming, Omp the cook for Mapple and Mipple, and Palp the nurse for Mapple and Mipple. They’re a nice throwback to the original toy, but it’s the two original cards that make a nice addition to the set. The first features all the main characters from and the second Cure Black and White and Shiny Luminous from .

The barcodes on the cards are also not just for show. Where the toys from 20 years ago were used to interact with Mapple or Mipple, the Anniversary versions will play audio. The audio varies between the cards you swipe, but according to the Premium Bandai page, the audio includes conversations between Mapple and Mipple, dialog from Cure Black and White, and the opening theme song “DANZEN! !”

The Pretty Memories Card Commun 20th Anniversary toy comes in at an impressive 7,678 yen (around US$51.09). It may seem a bit pricey at first, but considering what fans are getting, it seems well worth the price. One question I have, though, is will the scannable cards from 20 years ago work with this one as well? They most likely won’t, but I’ve been surprised in the past. Only a limited number will be available for purchase and orders will end on November 23, 2023 at 11: 00 p.m. JST. While currently only available in Japan, the product website notes there is a possibility the product will be sold outside of Japan, though no date is specified. So, if you want to live or relive your fantasies of becoming Cure Black or Cure White, now is your chance.

Source: Premium Bandai

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