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The White Lotus actor is taking over the fashion front row

White Lotus Season 2 is a true cultural phenomenon this year. After its premiere in October, it seems like everyone is watching and talking about the hit HBO show. Despite only seven episodes, director Mike White has crafted an intricate web of characters whose dynamism and costumes are now indelible (Jennifer Coolidge’s Peppa Pig pink look remains a favorite of mine). It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that the cast of Season 2 is now taking the front row at Fashion Week. Valentina, Lucia, Albie and more — or rather, the actors who played them — are all featured at this month’s European Autumn 2023 Men’s fashion show.

On Sunday’s JW Anderson Show, Sabrina Impacciatore, who plays the outspoken White Lotus hotel manager Valentina, takes a break from She traded her character’s professional (and prim) suits for a bolder moiré bodysuit. Valentina is crazy!

Sabrina Ampacciatore

Picture: Getty Images

In the same show, Simona Tabasco, who you might call Lucia – the deceitful whore – from her TV character’s colorful Stand out in your wardrobe and opt for a sleeker bronze-toned maxi dress that falls off the shoulders instead. Still, her ensemble had hints of Lucia’s “La Dolce Vita” style, via her colorful blue strappy sandals and lavender shoulder bag. Both accessories are great for pleasing at the White Lotus bar and scamming man euros out of 2023, !




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