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'The Witcher' Season 3 Has More Episodes Coming Soon

The Witcher Season 3, Netflix’s fantasy series based on the best-selling book and video game is finally here. Or at least, partially.

The show’s third season – which marks Henry Cavill’s last as Rivia’s Monster Hunter Jay before Liam Hemsworth takes over. The Characters of Lott Season 4 – Split into two “volumes,” the first of which is live now.

While Netflix originally planned to release Season 3 in general, as is the norm for platforms that support catch-up, the show’s creative team saw an opportunity to Building more suspense ahead of the season’s climactic episode eventually led to Cavill’s departure in the finale.

“Fortunately, Stranger Things came out while we were making it, and they did a season split,” explains executive producer Steve Gaub. A recent press release “was very appealing to us because you don’t revel in the midseason suspense in a one-off streaming episode, and you sort of want fans to have that experience.”

“So, for us, it’s more about deciding which episode to go ahead with,” he added. “Netflix is ​​fully behind it, and I think it will be fun for our fans to expand the experience even further and give us a full summer of The Witcher.”

When will the second volume of the third season be released?

No. One volume, five episodes, released June 29 on Netflix. However, the second volume of season three will only consist of three episodes, bringing fans Cavill’s Geralt’s final adventure, followed by Ciri (Freya Allen), Yennefer (Anja Chalotra) and Jaskill (Joey Beatty) will be joined by brand new wizards.

The final episodes of Season 3 begin July 27th on Netflix play.

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