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The Xbox app on PC now launches faster and integrates HowLongToBeat

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Microsoft has been steadily improving its Xbox app


Xbox app on PC Startup is now 15% faster.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is updating its Xbox app on Windows with integration of HowLongToBeat and faster startup times . The Xbox team, in partnership with HowLongToBeat, has provided an estimate of how long it will take to beat a PC Game Pass game. HowLongToBeat is a community-based website that lets people track how long a game takes and see if it’s worth buying or playing.

The HowLongToBeat integration in the Xbox app on Windows includes an estimate of the game’s main story as well as additional missions, a 100% completion rate, and multiple play styles. You’ll be able to submit your own hours and even view community reviews, game descriptions, and playstyle breakdowns.

HowLongToBeat integration in the Xbox app.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is also improving the launch speed window for the Xbox app. “We are committed to continuing to improve the performance and reliability of our applications,” explained Jason Beaumont, Partner Director, Product Management, Xbox Player Experience and Platforms team. “With a recent update, the app now launches 15% faster, and we’ve also made some fixes for better overall responsiveness when you interact with key experiences in the app.”

should mean improvements in downloading and installing games and better search results. Microsoft has also made some much-needed improvements to the game details page, so you can see trailers and screenshots at the top of the list.

Overall, these improvements are a welcome change to the Xbox app on Windows. Microsoft has been overhauling the app for months, and earlier this year PC games could be installed to any folder.

Mitchell Clark16 mins ago

It sounds like the DOJ is not satisfied with the Apple v. Epic decision

According to TechCrunch reports

that the Justice Department will be allowed to debate its concerns about the original ruling during the appeals trial.

The DOJ is concerned that the current decision could make future antitrust cases more difficult — especially important given reports that it is taking antitrust action against Apple.

iPhone Is the 13 Pro a sneaky good upgrade deal?

Carriers all have big deals on iPhone 14 models, but if you’re just looking to buy the phone outright, the discounted iPhone 13 Pro might be the best deal.

I don’t think this AI-generated game actually counts as AI-generated.

This girl does not exist

Promises that “everything you will see in this game” is created by artificial intelligence. Except… from everything I’ve read, that doesn’t include any game mechanics or interface design! This is an interesting experiment with artificially generated images and audio, but AI-generated gameplay is a unique and strange and difficult problem. Having said that, I’m fascinated by the evolving aesthetics of AI – and this project sits in that area.

Welcome to New Edge

Revolutionizing Media with Blog Posts

Nilai Pa TelSeptember 13

This is a great guide to iOS 16 lock screen widgets.

I still think they are the best option for the new iOS, and MacStories

has collected a huge collection of widgets you can try right now. They range from pointless and delightful to completely immediately essential – the link center, which will just open any link you want, is awesome.

Record companies are mixing old songs with new ones to spark your nostalgia.

The Vergecast is producing a special miniseries about the future of music for the next three Mondays. This week, I spoke with music journalist and podcaster Charlie Harding about how the future of music sounds very familiar.

The Apple Maps icon with construction equipment surrounding it.

Rick and Morty and writing anti-hero tightrope walks.

Countless people have discussed the hardships) Rick and Morty HowLongToBeat will be integrated into PC Game Pass titles inside the Xbox app on Windows.fanaticism. But Corbyn Smith goes beyond the simple claim that obnoxious fans just got the show wrong, delving into the inherent difficulties of writing a character with terrifying qualities but still undeniably cool. Reward: He precise Rorschach from Watchmen A description of what I’ve always wanted to read.

The 2010s are all about lifestyle brands. What’s next?

Loved this informative article on consumerism trends, what we call “culture” and how DTC brands are leading to a new understanding of community and identity. “In the 2010s, supply chain innovations opened up lifestyle brands. In the 2020s, innovations in financial mechanisms are opening up space for motivated ideologies, online publics, and shared beliefs,” writes Toby Shorin. “The authenticity-oriented culture of satirical detachment that emerged in the early 2000s has given way to a moment when people are genuinely willing to be influenced and genuinely engaged, even if it makes people cringe.”

“I still support that Tweets.”

– Dylan Field, CEO of Figma, had to reflect on old tweets.

Field tweeted last year that Figma’s goal is “to be Figma not Adobe.” Fast forward to today… Figma will be part of Adobe! My colleague Jay Peters spoke with the leaders of both companies about what the merger would mean for designers around the world.

The Apple Maps icon with construction equipment surrounding it.

Steam Deck Showcase Dock and Deck Delivery.

The Steam Deck prototype wasn’t the only thing to see at the Tokyo Game Show, as one Redditor noted (via PC GamerHowLongToBeat will be integrated into PC Game Pass titles inside the Xbox app on Windows.) The unreleased official base is supporting the display unit.

This is also important as Steam decks are being delivered faster than expected. Valve just announced that it cleared pre-orders for the third quarter a few weeks early, and started taking pre-orders for the fourth quarter.

Logitech may have just confirmed Apple’s next new iPad.

The product page for the iPad-compatible Logitech Crayon stylus lists two unreleased devices: the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Pro. It also noted that the devices are “coming soon.”

Rumor has it that Apple will announce both iPads at an event this October, in addition to an entry-level iPad that the site doesn’t mention.

The Apple Maps icon with construction equipment surrounding it.

The United Arab Emirates is fighting for the moon and plans to build a lunar rover.

The country has just announced that its first lunar rover is ready and will launch sometime in November – the exact date is still to be determined. The Rashid rover will travel to space on a SpaceX rocket and will be delivered to the lunar surface by a lander from the Japanese company ispace, which has been working on lunar missions for years.

An illustration containing black Adobe logos in front of white Figma logos on a red background.

Even Slack thinks a green “online” status is a bad idea.

Slack’s SVP of Product Ali Rayl thinks messages and status indicators are a good idea. But that green circle screaming “I’m online!” is not the right way to do it:

I never wanted to add green dots. I think green dots are pretty detrimental…if your green lights up and you get a DM and don’t [reply] it’s like, what’s going on?

The Apple Maps icon with construction equipment surrounding it.

Apple Maps is 10 years old.

This app was released 10 years ago on this day…it immediately became a laughing stock, resulting in multiple canned, Tim Cook publicly apologizing.

Now that Maps is a good enough product to be advertised, my biggest question is: When will Apple release a version for Android or the web? Apple offers an alternative to Google Maps – now it needs to be a real competitor.

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