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There is an underrated player at every position in your fantasy football draft

The draft for most fantasy football drafts is coming up. About two-thirds of the league’s draft picks take place the weekend before the regular season, which means most people are poring over their roster and trying to decide who they’re going for this year.

Ahem, I’m doing this too. Even as someone who watches football every week and studies every major player, I still love seeing who fantasy football experts think will break out in 2022. In doing so, I noticed some huge gems were buried deeper than they deserved. So let’s discuss a player at each position who deserves more hype than them, and who you might be able to get much lower than you deserve in the draft. I’m doing this based on the PPR Consortium, if you want to be more granular.

Quarterback: Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation: 10, ESPN: 10, Yahoo: 7

I know a lot of people are looking forward to Burrow back to Earth 2022 very little, but I didn’t really buy it. Yes, the defense is going to do a lot of movie research on how to break the cave, while getting better coverage of JaMarr Chase and Tee Higgins – but the Bengals are getting better too

Burrow was 6th in the NFL in passing yards last season, 8th in touchdowns and 2nd in passing rating among quarterbacks. This year he has the same good catch, a better offensive line, and more offensive experience. It’s unbelievable why he’s been knocked down so far out of fear that he’s going to crumble and burn instead of being more optimistic about why he can or even be better with fixed lines.

Burrow will be available in the middle round of your draft and I will definitely jump on him after you talk about your impact position because I Think he’ll help you win the league.

Running Back: Travis Etienne, Jacksonville Jaguars

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation: 24, ESPN: 20, Yahoo : 18

I’ve bought heavily on Etienne this season, and I think he’ll be a big focal point for the Jaguars offense. Don’t be distracted by the fact that Jacksonville is bad, and the Panthers aren’t the one that Christian McCaffery exploded as a fantasy cornerstone. In fact, it’s much better for an all-around guard when the offense is stagnant, as their usage goes up.

Ranking this low could mean Etienne will play in the later rounds of your draft. Don’t wait too long for someone else to pick him up. I strongly think he is your RB2 and a high RB2.

Trevor Lawrence will make the most of Etienne’s 2022 first time, getting the handcuffs back from Clemson will give two All players are very helpful. So let it benefit your team as well, because I really believe Etienne can have a CMC-like impact when it comes to bargaining.

Wide receiver: Allen Robinson, Los Angeles Rams

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation : 36, ESPN: 27, Yahoo: 17

I know there’s some risk here, so I think Robinson has a high priority for your flexibility – rather than relying on him to be your WR2. That said, I think he could have a great season in Los Angeles.

played for Robinson for years, but for the first time in his career Work with top quarterbacks. Combined with the fact that opponents have focused on stopping Cooper Cooper this season, I think we’ll see a small hit to Cooper’s numbers in exchange for Robinson becoming a real threat.

Though it may not be realistic to think he can recover as a 1,400-yard, 14-touchdown receiver – I think Robinson could easily be a 1,000+ player with 8-10 touchdowns on the Rams offense. For now, he’s so low ranked and I think he’ll be an impact player.

Tight end: Cole Kmet, Chicago Bears

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation: 12, ESPN: 12, Yahoo: 10

Tight end is one of these odd positions in fantasy where you either get the best three One of the top players, either miss out and hope someone can be a changer.

No one is better suited to be that this season than Cole Kermet player, and he’s a bargain. One simple reason: Who else would Justin Fields throw? Don’t overlook the need for production, and in Fields’ first season as a starter, he wants some reliability from his receiving team — and Kmet is his most reliable option right now.

If he grows into an 800-1,000 yard catcher and Getting 6-7 touchdowns this season, I really wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get a top player early on, it’s incredible production. Kmet should be available in the last few rounds of most leagues and I think he can be a weekly starter without any worries.

Defense/Special Teams: Los Angeles Chargers

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation: 8, ESPN: 15, Yahoo: 7

Everyone agreed that Bill was A must-have defense in fantasy this season, I agree. That said, I’m trying to find other teams I’d rather have than the Chargers, and they’re cheap in most leagues.

The Chargers had a solid defense last year, and now they Made a big move, signed JC Jackson in free agency and traded Khalil Mack — while also adding DeAndre Carter as their new returning player. There’s a good chance this team will make a lot of noise this season and surprise those who might think they’re basically the same team.

Depends on the ranking of other players in your league Focusing on the Chargers may be available at the end of your draft, and I think they’re of great value.

Kicker: Luo Bill Gould, San Francisco 49ers

Consensus Ranking – DK Nation: 15, ESPN : 12, Yahoo: 11

Well, it’s a little weird to get into the underrated kicker, but let’s dive in. Pretty much an afterthought if you decide to pick a kicker in your league versus signing one post-draft. That said, if you’re struggling with draft picks, let me defend Gould.

The 49ers have committed to starting Trey Lance, and while it’s the right move for the future, I’m not 100% sure it’s the right decision this season. There will be growing pains that come with shorter drives that may not always translate to touchdowns. Add in a team willing to win through defense, and a little more premium to score points for the Niners this season without too much offense risk. here Is where kickers can feast and if you’re looking for great value for the final round, you can’t get Justin Tucker or Evan McPherson, I think he’s a great value option.



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