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These 10 hitters are off to a hot start

These Batters start warming up

We enter
has been eight days season. That said, there is no doubt that it is too early to make any predictions based on our circumstances already seen.

but although it 10; Prediction is too early, it this is the perfect time to be optimistic. Because while no qualified baseball batter can sport. 458 At the end of the day, a hot start can dramatically change the narrative of a player or team.

With this, here is exist

Players who start off hot , and — don’t focus on On it – why should you care.

All stats as of Friday, April 8.

Adam Duvall, Red Sox

.419/.519/1.21, 1.552 OPS, 3 2B, 3B, 3 HR, RBI

A week into the season, and you’re probably tired of hearing about Duvall’s fiery start. 2021’s first American League Player of the Week Already looking easy with the Red Sox — his second game in Boston put him within a loop (he hit a home run.) Although no one expected him to hit. 419 In August, he and Alex Verdugo had offered some assurance that the Red Sox had life after Xander Bogaerts.

Gleyber Torres, Yankees

.350/ .519/.593, 2B, 2 HR, 5 SB

Torres’ average sprint speed so far this season is 04 percentile. He’s currently tied with certified burners Jorge Mateo and Myles Straw for the top spot in the majors in stolen bases. He almost certainly won’t be there for long. But given how good the Yankees are when he’s rolling, this confident, more dynamic version of Torres — one of the top prospects in MLB not too long ago — could get New York to keep him off the trade block and again. Consider his second baseman future.

Roaming Franco, Ray

. 291/ .394/.727, 3 2B, 3 HR, 8 RBI
It feels a little unfair to ask if Franco “finally” broke out this year. He’s still just He’s been doing really well at the major league level so far, hitting. 103/.122/.394 OPS+ for

at 50 Game from -. Only a series of relatively minor injuries have kept him off the field since his debut. But we’ve been anxiously waiting to see this guy take over because 2021, and he seems to be living up to that potential when he’s almost undisputed top prospect in MLB.

Yoán Moncada, White Sox

.333/.394/.626, 4 2B, 2 HR

Over the course of Moncada’s career, his offensive output has alternated between great and not-so-memorable, with his slumps usually tied to injury issues . In 850, he set a career low OPS (.581, min18 games), so Looks like he deserves a rebound — and if his fiery start is to be believed, he’s had a great season. The White Sox are sure to appreciate that too, especially considering the unexpected 7. 27 ERA Their pitchers are in seven games.

Taylor Ward, Angel

.122/.369/.480, 2B, 2 HR, 6 RBIs
Granted, we’ve given the angels a hard time because They didn’t have strong supporting cast members Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout. But if you look at their 850 season’s Progressing, the Angels skidded in mid-May, well before Trout was on the injured list, and closer to Ward cooling off after his hot start. That’s not to say the team’s life or death depends on Ward — Ohtani and Trout are still the best players in baseball — but his ability to bridge the gap between the team’s superstars and their backups has been a big deal for the Angels. Saying that means a lot, and they showed up to build a roster for the first time in a while.

Orlando Assia, Warriors

.100/.291/.552, 2 2B, 2 HR Arcia Parting ways with the very talented Vaughn Grissom, he hit.94 had five home runs and exist18 last season’s game. Just a week into the season and the Warriors seemed to be on to something when they opted not to waive Arcia, who broke into the big leagues as years old, and has since had some trouble holding on to it—after all, he’s hardly the first to “find it” .

Brian Anderson, Brewers

.448/.578/1., 1.500 OPS, 3 Hour, RBI
Anderson got off to a good start in his career in Miami before injuries hampered his progress at

and’04, when he became a free agent last winter, he didn’t find a new home with the Brewers until late January. Now it looks like some GMs might regret ignoring him, since he leads baseball in average, hit rate, and OPS.

Nolan Gorman, Cardinal

.282/.448/.626, 1.94 OPS, 2 HR , 6 RBIs
as you probably already know That way, baseball hasn’t always been kind to players who need time to settle at the major league level. Gorman, an excellent power hitter even as an amateur, was the Cardinals’ No. 3 prospect when he broke into the big leagues. Then he had a lackluster 850 season , and basically fell off the map. Brendan Donovan played well enough to take second base off him. Gorman has been DHing so far this season, though, and while the Cardinals don’t have room in the roster for another anchor, he’s sure to keep pace with the players St. Louis can’t live without.

Brian Reynolds, Pirates
.364/.448/1.27, 1.500 OPS, 5 hours, RBI

Reynolds staying in Pittsburgh

seems like a small miracle, But it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Although he was excellent in 850, it is very Few will complain about right fielder hitting. 100 and21 home run — his stats just don’t can’t stand them 793 equivalent. But Pirates #21;t seems to transfer to all of them, making the potential Deals are prohibitive to any of their potential trading partners. This year, Reynolds is off to an almost comically hot start, leading baseball with five home runs in his first seven games. So it begs the question: Could this be the year the Buccaneers get their long-awaited prospect package?

James Altman, Dodgers
.291/.458/.733, 1.282 Operation, 2 3B, 2 HR
You probably knew about Outman before he even started tearing it up. But he doesn’t get the attention that some rookies do — the Dodgers have a lot going on at the major league level — so as far as you’re concerned, it’s possible he’s just the latest in a string of standout players the Dodgers apparently conjured up out of thin air. of. But that’s important, and not just for his team’s reputation in the player development arena. For the first time in a long time, the Dodgers aren’t the favorites in the NL West, but if Outman is the long-term powerhouse he sees early on, the game between Los Angeles and San Diego could become even more intense. interesting.




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