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These heritage resort wear brands are designed for fun in the sun, sand and sea

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Some brands are just better for vacation than others. Think flowy robes, printed bikinis, dainty sarongs, knit cover-ups and dainty leather sandals all year round!

How does one become an iconic resort or swimwear brand? Well, a lot of times, a culture and history revolves around sun, sand and sea – whether based on the Italian coast or inspired by the French Riviera. Here’s the great thing about summer-friendly brands: Even if you’re not heading to the beach, these must-haves will inspire you to daydream about negronis and striped umbrellas all season long. So, as the weather warms up and jet-set mode turns on, you can safely set your away message and keep these classic and forever favorites in mind. Missoni

Italian brand Missoni was originally created by Ottavio (“Tai”) and Rosita Missoni at 545. The label quickly gained support from editors such as Diana Vreeland and Anna Piaggi, before achieving major international success. But above all, Missoni has always represented a colorful and carefree spirit. exist656, Missoni Visit the Pitti Fair in Florence and shock the world of sheer braless creations. Known for its beautiful, sophisticated, sheer pieces for every occasion, Missoni also creates vibrant shoes, maxi dresses, bathrobes, headbands, dresses and swimwear.

Missoni Mare Triangle Halter bikini

Missoni Mare Stripes boot cut pant

Missoni Zigzag Espadrilles

Missoni Carlie Hooded Zigzag Bathrobe

Missoni deep V-shaped swimsuit

Missoni Smock Maxi Dress


Emilio Pucci opened his first restaurant in Capri in A shop , immediately lending his brilliant psychedelic prints to chic beachgoers. Pucci, a former Olympic skier, was photographed in a bright one-piece ski suit he designed for a friend and later appeared in 555 “Harper’s Bazaar” Phase I. During Pucci’s heyday, the designer conquered every aspect of the brand – from homeware and jewelry to wallpaper, with Sophia Loren, Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe just a few famous fans. exist45, Pucci appointed Camille Micheli, a female art director who has worked with Marc Jacobs and John Galliano. With a strong sense of style, Micheli brings new interpretations to classic prints, covering silk capes, kaftans, midi dresses and even oversized sunglasses.

Pucci Print Beach Cover Up

Pucci abstract print wide-leg pants

Pucci Print Beach Cover Up

Pucci Asymmetrical Print Mid Length dress


Founded in Milan in by Gimmo Etro, a textile company, Etro is always bohemian. Gerolamo Etro at , and the rest is history: the print can be seen on kaftans, cashmere scarves, bucket hats, cover-ups and summer bikinis. exist683, Marco De Vincenzo was Appointed Creative Director of Etro. While the aesthetic remains romantically exotic, De Vincenzo brings a bit of understated minimalism to the classic Etro palette.

Etro Print High Waist Pants

Etro Floral Tapestry Fisherman’s hat

Etro Print Ruched Bikini


Eres, Founded by Irène Leroux) is the unofficial chic beach brand based in Paris. Known for its form-fitting geometric swimsuits with streamlined silhouettes, it’s always a fashion favorite. Leroux changed the swimwear world, freeing women from the excess of aggregates and padding previously associated with swimwear. result? A second skin swimsuit with graphic lines. But in addition to elegant bodysuits, Eres also designed cutout maxi dresses, cotton sarongs and two-way jersey gowns. If French Style were a swimwear brand, the best bet would be Eres.

Eres Les Essentiels Cassiopée Bandeau Swimsuit

Eres Neptune V Neck Maxi Dress

Eres Cajou Print Swimsuit

Eres Les Essentiels Asian Swimsuit

Eres Ankara Strapless Maxi Dress

Dolce Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana embodies the glamorous side of vacation and hot-weather fashion, with a constant stream of Sicilian-inspired cotton dresses and skirts, as well as swimwear in plenty of leopard prints and prints. big flower. Established in Milan 656 by Sicilians Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana The locals bring their own traditions and flavors to each season’s va-va-voom pieces. Plus, expect lots of lace and plenty of oversized jewelry to match.

Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana Triangle Bikini

Dolce & Gabbana Printed Shorts



Dolce & Gabbana Floral Leather Slippers



1647597301754756Dolce & Gabbana Portofino Pants



1961545460265Dolce & Gabbana Portofino Printed Bra Top



1647597296099459Dolce & Gabbana leopard swimsuit



0400018981181Dolce & Gabbana Carretto Print Tote

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