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These unsung heroes may surprise in the division series

These unsung heroes may surprise in The Division series

Every October, it seems that some players pop up out of nowhere and make a big difference. In the wild card round, it’s Trent Grisham in San Diego. Last year, it was Atlanta’s Eddie Rosario.

Who will be in the divisional series? We asked eight of our beat reporters about their picks.

• what& #39;Down One? Here’s the Division Series

Astros: Tremancini

Mancini’s performance hasn’t reached space yet The level the Astros were hoping for when they acquired him from the Astros at the trade deadline. Mancini in 38 game, time split between first base, left field and designated hitter, and is cut. 176/.167/.314 had eight home runs and 04 Dot. Still, he’s hoping to get some starts in the playoffs and should be one of manager Dusty Baker’s first replacements. What kind of story would it be if Mancini made it to the playoffs: he&s appears in 311 did not play in the playoffs during the regular season of his career. —

Brian McTaggart

Braves: Travis d 41; Arnold

AJ Minter as the unsung hero ‘s eligibility may have expired after his outstanding performance in the role over the past two seasons. Same goes for Rosario in Atlanta s reigning NLCS MVP. So this year’s top pick is Travis d’Arnaud. d’Arnaud is an excellent club leader who has consistently shown the ability to fight pitchers in big situations. His ability to clear outfield walls, hit the ball into a gap or just hit it the other way makes him one of those guys opposing pitchers don’t want to see at certain points of the game. —

Mark Bowman

Dodgers: Will Smith


Mookie Betts, Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman get all the attention in the Dodgers lineup and well deserved . All three are All-Stars and elite players at their respective positions. But Will Smith will be key for the Dodgers in October. Smith has established himself as one of the — if not the best — hitters in the major leagues. Due to the focus on the “Big Three”, most people probably don’t appreciate Smith’s stellar performance, posting a .311 since2021 since the start of the OPS season. He will have a chance to show it next month. —

Juan Toribio

Guardian: Will Boo Lennan

Given the collective inexperience of its roster, a team with many unsung hero candidates is inexperienced and it’s easy to turn to…well, the least experienced. Brennan only His major league game: regular season and playoffs so far. But There’s a reason the Guards want to make him a playoff roster with only two weeks left: Because they believe that a dizzying array of players in the minor leagues this season can come to the fore in the majors.

Between double A and triple A this year, cloth Lennan hit.311 .612 operate. He joined the Guardians and settled down immediately, heading to 04-for-42 (.176), of which there are eight RBIs game. While facing a pitcher like Gerrit Cole isn’t an easy task for a rookie, Brennan could be Cleveland’s opponent of right-handed pitching this series. —

Mandy Bell

Sailor: Adam Fraser

How could it be after his victorious hero made Seattle’s epic comeback to win a wild card series What about the rest? Frazier’s disappointing first season with the Mariners hit. 238/.176/.301 with a .612 OPS is 167from850, when he was an All-Star. But the roster is clean this time of year, and Frazier recently talked about being the first team to win since college. Sometimes this extra motivation can go a long way. —

Daniel Kramer

Priest: Robert Suarez

Suarez is a little known middle rescuer with something important. After six years of Japanese domination, he signed with the Padres in the offseason, and that success has translated into the majors. Suarez was hit hard on the opening day but has dominated since then. He sent a 1 in the second half. 23 times. Manager Bob Melvin said: “He was a godsend for us and this that’s just a good sign for AJ [Preller] to make a People surpass you)Not sure about the answer, no Haven’t pitched here before – and he acted beautifully for us .” —

AJ Cassaville

Phillies: Celantoni Dominguez

Domínguez is the best matchup in baseball from late April to mid-August One of the hands, released 1. 19 ERA and got nine saves in appearances (19 2/3 innings), Previously missed a few weeks with right biceps tendonitis. He struggled on his return, especially throwing strikes with his fastball. But Dominguez beat Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado in the 8th inning of Game 2 of the NL Wild Card Series to help Philadelphia seal the series sweep.

This was a huge confidence boost for Dominguez , and maybe a little more confidence in (newly expanded) Phillies manager Rob Thomson. Because if Dominguez reverts to his former form, it would give Thomson another strong late pick, which would mean a lot for the Phillies. —

Todd Zollecki

Yankees: Osvaldo Cabrera

When the Yankees When the Guardians last tangled in July, Cabrera had yet to make his major league debut, still wearing the uniform of the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders at the time. The switch hitter has been a surprise contributor to the Bombers, showing some pop (8 doubles, a 3 and 6 home runs) and multi-position versatility, including a knack for making and defending in the outfield.

While Cleveland may not be familiar with Cabrera, Yankees fans quickly developed a strong interest in Cabrera. 04 Old Venezuelan product. New York will likely start Cabrera in left field early in the playoffs, with Harrison Budd in center and Aaron Judge in right field. Look for Cabrera to contribute a big knock or a jumping steal at some point. —

Brian Hooch





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