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Things to Note About Dolce & Gabbana's Miami Acquisition

Chiffon corset dress with fully embroidered top crystal.

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

wine red corrugated double breasted with black piping Three-piece suit with floral embroidery. Tuxedo shirt, trousers, bow tie and slippers with jeweled buttons.

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bring their own brand of gilded baroque glamor to the Miami. Held concurrently with Art Basel, after two years of planning, the brand’s takeover of the city is set to be a slick extravaganza focusing on men’s and women’s fashion, jewellery, watchmaking and interiors.

Since launching Alta Moda a decade ago, the design duo have been honing the concept of fashion shows as entertainment. This year, in addition to the Milan fashion show and party, they hosted a Kardashian wedding and a A Sicilian event. Now designers have shifted their focus from southern Italy to the southern United States and South America. “I’m Sicilian,” Dolce said on the phone. “We love Latin culture, it’s very close to the Dolce & Gabbana world.”

Regarding Miami, Dolce continues, “It’s changed [since ’60s]. At that time, Miami Beach was ‘s place; now, “Miami is like a metropolis and a city. ” It’s not just the weather, but the expansion and development that make this place so attractive. For Dolce and Gabbana, Miami is a meeting point, a place where Latin and South American peoples and cultures mingle.

for the Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria series will be available in November 25 at Shown at The Four Seasons’ Surf Club, Dolce and Gabbana approach Latin culture from an outsider’s perspective, pulling aspects of traditional dress, like a flamenco dancer’s polka dots, into their world. “When we’re in any When a show is put on somewhere, we all try to get into the culture and respect the place,” Dolce said, adding that the casting was done locally.

About 40 looks (approximately 50 Alta Moda and 40 Alta Sartoria) will be presented in a salon. “All clothes are completely unique and handmade,” emphasizes Dolce, explaining that a garment can take up to six months to create. Alta The purpose of Moda and all other Altas is to preserve the artisanal, fatto a mano way of working of traditional bottegas.

Gabbana is proud to report that they were able to do this with an intergenerational team A little. “I’ll tell you something, the oldest people in the company are me and Domenico,” he joked. “In our tailor group, 60% of boys and girls like 50, 10. A new generation is interested in craftsmanship. Therefore, we are optimists. We don’t want to lose this tradition, this opportunity for the next generation. “




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