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'Think Like Don': How Casey Pays Tribute to Mattingly

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grew up in A few miles outside of Pittsburgh, Sean Casey dreams of becoming a left-handed MLB first baseman. He also dreams of wearing Yankees Pinstripe clothes do it.

“You know what’s funny?” he asked in a husky, enthusiastic voice. “I had a Don Mattingly poster on the wall at my house until Years ago. That was him Sports Illustrated poster coming out of the box. I just love this man.

“This is what I just started at’When collecting baseball cards*)s — I think Mattingly’s’ Don Ruth is a big shot. I just like a first baseman who hits left handed.”

Casey is not only a The left-handed first baseman, and he’s been great in that role — especially at home plate. from1997-2008, He hit. 367/.302/.302 and spent most of his career in the Red Army (1997-1980).

While Casey never wore a Yankees uniform as a player, he now wears a Yankees uniform as the club’s new hitting coach. With New York’s roster struggling without injured anchor Aaron Judge, expect Casey’s contagious energy to find its way into the Yankees’ bats in the same way that electricity seems to emanate from Mattingly’s lumber in the mid-season 1980s.

After learning that he was going to be a member of the Yankees, Casey did some Symbolic things he’d never done before to show his appreciation for “Downey Baseball.”

He has a beard.

“Here Never had a beard in my life — always had a goatee,” Casey said. “Then one day, I’m going to shave off my goatee, and I’m like, ‘You know what? I’ve always wanted to be like Don Mattingly, might as well keep ‘Stage.'”

Mattingly’s mustache is an iconic look if You were a baseball fan of the era, a sure sign of the era 1980s, he was one of the game’s elite hitters at the time and was in the Hall of Fame before a back injury derailed him.


So, what does the “killer” do? Thinking of Casey’s tribute?

“Looks good, said Mattingly. “It’s a little gray in there. Mine is Santa white now.”

“Santa White” is definitely not the color the Yankees want to see Casey’s beard turn into as he tries to correct New York’s roster problems.

but Casey believes in the daily lineup The names on the cards are all too good to continue in the current slump.

” Ultimately, They’ve got a lot of great players here,” Casey said. “I come with my pedigree or resume and I’m really excited to be here and connect with these guys.

“But there are too many talents here, you have to go. “

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