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This '90s-Inspired Layered Shirt Trick Is Back And Better Than Ever

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Fashion’s tendency to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary has struck again. This time, the long-sleeve T-shirt got a runway upgrade. Last October, Miu Miu sent models down the runway in a plethora of layered plain shirts. Now that styling hacks are slowly infiltrating stores, the layered shirt movement will rise to the top ranks of street style stars before we know it (my prediction is during New York Fashion Week next month).

If the long-sleeved shirt over plain white T-shirt trend sounds familiar, that’s because it’s nothing new. It’s another ’90 revival, and it’s on the verge of a grand revival. Remember the tennis scene in Clueless? In my humble opinion, Cher looks best with a simple tee under a black tank top. What is old is indeed new again.

Image: Maximum Film / Alamy Stock Photo



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