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This Andy Reid copycat is so good that even die-hard Chiefs fans will fool

A lot of fans have dressed up as Andy Reed over the years, but no one has been a more die-hard Chiefs coach than this guy.

Probably because I’ve watched too many rehearsals lately, but I’m fascinated by the impression. I really love that the fans didn’t just put on a broomstick beard, put on some Chieftain gear and call it a day, they really captured every element of Reed’s character.

The most obvious is chewing gum, which Reed is known for – but otherwise little has changed. Fans have slowed down the speed and frequency with which Reed scans the field, how his glasses slide gently down his nose, before landing on the tip. He looked down at the cards after the shoot, showing no emotion, only nodding in agreement when things were going well.

This is the absolute gold standard for making an impression of an NFL personality, so good it’s actually kind of creepy.



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