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This candy bar that runs Doom is the best Halloween candy

In a nutshell: Adafruit Industries recently put out a helpful PSA reminding parents to double-check their kids’ candy this Halloween. Apparently, their candy inspector found a galaxy running Doom. Crazy?

With less than a week to go until Halloween, the kids are undoubtedly getting ready for the big night of collecting candy. While the debate about the best trick-or-treat strategy for costume selection or maximizing shipping still lingers, I think we can all agree that the long-standing debate about the best Halloween candy has been settled once and for all.

Adafruit Industries is an open source hardware company based in New York City that sells a wide range of DIY electronics and kits. The company doesn’t mention any details about the build in the video description, but earlier this year they detailed getting the game running on a QT Py ESP32 Pico board. Is that what motivates the Doom candy bar?

Should The project involved porting Retro-Go to a development board and loading a shareware version of Doom from a microSD card. The candy bar screen doesn’t seem to match the 240×240 resolution of the TFT IPS screen on the Pico board, but parts of the screen may be obscured by the candy box and adjust the game’s output accordingly.

Running Doom is often the hardware’s “hello world” equivalent, and we’ve seen it loaded onto various devices over the years.

Recently, a hacker managed to get the classic FPS running on a John Deere tractor touchscreen. Other notable efforts include getting it to work on IKEA smart lights, smart refrigerators, Panic’s Playdate (which uses a crank to fire a chain gun is awesome), and Lego bricks. Someone even exploited the Doom II exploit to run Doom in Doom and figured out a way to run Doom in Notepad at 60 frames per second.

So, what are the best Halloween candies?

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